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Sentinel is a World of Warcraft role-playing guild. We are the oldest and largest Night Elf guild on the Wyrmrest Accord (RP) server.
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by Adellwyna on May 03, 2017 at 03:23 PM

Our newest RP campaign is set to begin!

You can find in-character info, OOC notes, screenshots, and event summaries here.
by Adellwyna on Mar 01, 2017 at 04:10 PM


I have received our newest marching orders from General Feathermoon. We are soon to return to the Broken Isles and assist with the ongoing efforts against the Burning Legion and their allies. I can give few other exact details at the moment, but expect our missions to take us deep within the Shal'dorei stronghold of Suramar and its environs.

We will be away from Kalimdor for an extended period of time so prepare accordingly.


Commander Adellwyna Wintershade
by Adellwyna on Jan 05, 2017 at 05:59 AM

*Carefully pinned to the Bunk House noticeboard*


We have received our marching orders from General Feathermoon: Our regiment is soon to begin its traditional march across Kalimdor to Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas.

We will depart from Lor'danel on the 14th day of this month. This trek will be by ground routes only, so expect to be away from Darnassus for several weeks.

Make certain you have prepared enough equipment and supplies for an extended journey, and that your nightsabers are in fine and fit condition. Along the way we will be stopping at various Kaldorei towns and outposts, giving them whatever aid they may require.

Be it known, Sentinels, that this march is no light-hearted excursion. Instead, it will prepare us for greater challenges ahead: General Feathermoon has made it clear that we will be deployed to the Broken Isles again soon after completing our journey. Strict discipline will be maintained, and all Sentinels will be expected to do their duty to the fullest.

All questions may be forwarded to myself, Guardian Nightbreeze, or the Huntresses.


Commander Adellwyna Wintershade
by Adellwyna on Dec 04, 2016 at 05:14 AM

It all started late 2010 with ad posted in Trade chat. "Looking to start a Guild based on Sentinel Lore PST for more info."

The original founder of <Sentinel>, Kyind, was looking to fashion a guild closely adhering to an actual lore organization within the Warcraft universe. Despite being flamed in chat for the idea that day, one person did respond. Kerielle became the first person to sign the charter, and soon the first official guild leader. A few Recruits later and the guild was on its way.

Six years passed and we have seen three different guild leaders (Kerielle, Ellesta, and myself), over twenty different officers, and over six hundred members pass through this guild.

A great many hands have had a part in fashioning this guild into what it is today. <Sentinel> isn't just the work of a few minds, but scores. Each person who has had an idea, given a suggestion, offered (constructive) criticism, added a rule, recruited a new member, or hosted an event, has helped mould and shape our guild.

And although <Sentinel> has greatly evolved and fine-tuned over time, I like to think we have still preserved the core idea; the central theme and structure that Kyind and Kerielle established back in 2010: a respectable and lore-abiding guild that sets the standard for Night Elf roleplay on Wyrmrest Accord.

Six years is a long time for any guild to survive. Most guilds are lucky to last past their first anniversary. We have survived six. <Sentinel> has seen its share of trials and tribulations; good times and bad; heated arguments and constructive debates. But we still manage to emerge and be better for it.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed loyal over the months and years. To everyone who has helped in small ways and large, to make this guild what it is.

You, and <Sentinel>, mean the world to me.

by Adellwyna on Sep 10, 2016 at 04:49 PM


We have received our new marching orders from General Feathermoon. Within the next two weeks, our regiment will embark for the Broken Isles.

There, we will undertake our assigned mission, working independently of other Alliance forces. Secrecy and security are paramount, hence the exact details of our goal are on a 'need-to-know' basis for now. More information will be forthcoming once we safely make landfall.

Make what preparations you need for a lengthy journey. We may not be able to return to Kalimdor for many weeks, perhaps months.

Be it known that the Burning Legion is not the only foe that may try to stop us from achieving our goal. Many other dangers lurk on the Isles, and we cannot rely on outside assistance.

I expect the highest level of discipline, bravery, and professionalism during our expedition. Cowardice, insubordination, or failure to do one's duty will be met with severe repercussions.



Cmdr. A. Wintershade