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Rank: Huntress
Online: 4 hours ago
Joined: Nov 03, 2012
Nick Name: Xeqqy
Gender: Female
State/Province: Indiana
Feel free to contact me in game with any questions or concerns, if you need any help or want to roleplay! My interests inside the game are raiding (I run with Destined for Glory, Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30-8.), transmogrification, the lore and of course, roleplay! But.. as a person..

I am a teenage girl who enjoys photography, drawing, the occasional touch of painting and signing. Anything fantasy is my jam, speaking of which, I tend to listen to Evanescene, Within Temptation, Three Days Grace to name a few. If you are REALLY bored and need some new music to listen to is my master playlist. I'm a huge anime/manga nerd and would love to debate with fellow otakus. I also do portraits sketches of other guildies occasionally so if you need some free work done I may be the person for you. Just know it may never get done with everything else in my life. >.><.<
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Leafsting Commander Huntress Xeqwena Ever-Tear
Mistakes are only a pathway into knowledge. If everyone was perfect we would never better ourselves. Instead of blaming yourself, why not look and see where you went wrong? Innocence is the absence of wisdom, learning is how we grow like the plants on this earth we call home. Now will you stay and wither in shade and be protected from the winds of change? Or will you sprout and reach new heights of your potential?