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by Adellwyna on Dec 11, 2018 at 08:39 PM


Again you are called upon to advance on the enemies of your people.

The time and occasion are deemed opportune by your Commander to address you a few words of confidence and caution. You have been organized, strengthened, and fully equipped. You form part of the Grand Sentinel Army, the whole under the direction of the able and distinguished General Feathermoon, who enjoys the confidence of our people and her soldiers. Your movement being in co-operation with other forces, both from within the army and without, it is of the utmost importance that no effort be left unspared to make it successful.

Sentinels! The eyes of the Kaldorei people are looking with anxious hope to the blow you are about to strike in the most sacred cause that ever called Sisters to arms.

Remember your homes and your loved ones, and bear in mind that the sooner your enemies are overcome the sooner you will enjoy the benefits and blessings of peace. Bear with patience the hardships and sacrifices you will be called upon to endure.

Have confidence in your officers and in each other. Keep your ranks on the march, your discipline on the battlefield, and let each Sister earnestly implore Elune's blessing, and endeavor by her thoughts and actions to render herself worthy of the favor she seeks.

With clear consciences and strong arms, actuated by a high sense of duty, fighting to preserve Kalimdor and the traditions handed down to us--if true to ourselves--victory, under Elune's blessing, must and will attend our efforts.


Cmdr. A. Wintershade
by Adellwyna on Dec 02, 2018 at 09:50 AM

On this very day, Mother Moon;

See the loyal children of yours.

See, how they gathered.

Let the Forest herself aid us in our righteous battle,

Against our foes.

To the salvation, to the day, we long.

We shall march forth from the forest.

From barrow den and tranquil home,

From the deepest reaches of ancient Ashenvale,

With pride, heads held high, with sister side-by-side,

We shall march forth into the fiery maw of battle.

Our souls shall be tempered upon the altar of war, and we shall know no fear.

Each comrade fallen remembered, passing into embracing eternity,

Each foe vanquished, fueling conviction, driving forth the barbed arrow, the mighty glaive.

We are the Moonglaive, and we shall never falter.

(Poem credit to Nymirra Bladestar)
by Adellwyna on Oct 28, 2018 at 04:51 AM

It would be unwise, even were it possible, to conceal the great moral and material injury to our cause that resulted from the loss of Teldrassil. It is equally unwise and unworthy of us, as faithful engaged in a most sacred effort, to allow our energies to falter, our spirits to grow faint, or our efforts to become relaxed under reverses, however calamitous.

The hopes and confidence of the enemy have been excited by the belief that their destruction of Teldrassil would be the signal for our submission. It is for us, my Sisters, to show by our bearing under these reverses, their error; to endure misfortune with fortitude; to encounter danger with courage. We have now entered upon a new phase of a struggle, the memory of which is to endure for all ages.

Nothing is now needed to render our triumph certain but the exhibition of our own unquenchable resolve. Let us but will it, and we are free; and who, in the light of the past, dare doubt our purpose in the future?

Animated by the confidence in your spirit and fortitude, which never yet has failed me, I announce to you, my Sisters, that it is my purpose to maintain our cause with my whole heart and soul; that I will never consent to abandon to the enemy one foot of the soil of any Kaldorei lands; whose ancient renown has been eclipsed by her still more glorious recent history, whose bosom has been bared to receive the main shock of this war, whose Sentinels have exhibited heroism so sublime as to render her illustrious in all times to come - that Kalimdor, with the help of her people, and by the blessing of Elune, shall be held and defended, and no peace ever be made with the invaders of our home.

Let us not, then, despond, my Sisters; but, relying on the never-failing mercies and protecting care of our Goddess, let us meet the foe with fresh defiance, with unconquered and unconquerable hearts.


Cmdr. A. Wintershade
by Adellwyna on Aug 26, 2018 at 11:59 AM

Excerpt from a letter to the Sentinel Army:

The eyes of Kalimdor look to you in your gallant struggle with confidence and hope. Encouraged by the bravery of our arms, stimulated by the great interests that depend upon the issue, and sustained by prayers of those in whose defense you fight, let every Sentinel resolve to put forth her utmost efforts, to endure all and brave all, until by the assistance of a just and merciful Goddess, the enemy shall be driven back and lasting peace secured for our homeland.

Some of our bravest have fallen, but let those of us surviving follow their glorious examples, and continue to emulate the valor of your gallant comrades who have sacrificed all. It rests on you to see that they shall not have died in vain. With the blessing of Elune, it is in your power to defeat this great effort of the enemy, secure safety and independence to Kalimdor, and earn for yourselves the lasting love and gratitude of your people and the admiration of the world.

Elune be with you all.

-General Shandris Feathermoon

by Adellwyna on Jul 11, 2018 at 12:05 PM


Word has reached us from Ashenvale of unprovoked Horde aggression along our southern and eastern frontiers. Details are scarce, confused, and contradictory. But should they prove even slightly true, this could signal the beginning of renewed conflict on Kalimdor.

I have thus been ordered to send two full-strength companies of our regiment, one of nightsaber riders and one of hippogryph riders, to bolster our defenses in Astranaar. There, we will act as a moblie reserve, to assist the Silverwings and other Sentinel garrisons in Ashenvale as needed.

All current and future leaves of absence are also hereby canceled until further notice. All Sentinels of the regiment are expected to be under arms until this potential threat has been dealt with.

We will not allow any Horde treachery to go unanswered or unpunished.

I expect the highest level of discipline, bravery, and professionalism during our mission. Cowardice in the face of the enemy, insubordination, or failure to do one's duty will be met with severe repercussions.



Cmdr. A. Wintershade