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Illthanyn Ceremony and Sentinel Gift Exchange

Date: Dec 14, 2018
Time: 05:00 PM
Posted by: Iyora
Category: RP Event
Alliance Event: Yes
The Winter Solstice Ritual also known as Illthanyn is a time for leaving behind the old and renewing ourselves in Elune's light.

Recognized as the longest night of the year, and the eve of cleansing when Elune’s healing touch reaches out to her children. kaldorei all across Kalimdor don formal white clothes and gather in their town or city’s place of worship. Each kaldorei stands before a trinity of priestess and is scoured and cleansed of shadow.

Thusly, for those Sisters (and honored friends) attending the ritual, you need to bring/do the following:

  • Please wear something white to show your ready to purify yourself (if you need a white dress, just ask Iyora and she'll whip up some White Woolen Dresses for you)
  • Bring something to burn in the ritual fire; this can be an item, or something written on a piece of paper, but this represents something that no longer serves you or something you want to leave behind or get over or get rid of in your life.
  • Bring your favored weapon to be blessed

The ceremony above is open to all who wish to join us whereas the Gift Exchange that will happen after will be open only to Moonglaive Sentinels.


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