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December 27th

Incident Report; Weapons drawn before civilians

Recruit Moonshadow and I began our patrol at the bridge leading to the Temple. Almost immediately, we encountered three individuals speaking just outside the Temple entrance. One, a well-armored young man with green hair in braids and a topknot, we overheard mention his father's involvement with a 'Sha'. I admittedly know very little about these creatures, but I have heard enough reports coming out of Pandaria to know that they are not to be taken lightly. I also know that I heard the young male say aloud that he would not want the Circle nor the Sentinels to know about the situation. If he were any more obvious, I'd insist he was baiting us.

We decided to investigate. We greeted the three individuals and received a polite response from the other male ( dark blue hair, also armored) and the female, (long white hair, masked, appeared dressed in druid attire). The first male – the one that spoke of the Sha – seemed eager to usher us along. I inquired about his name and status, and he replied that he was Kethyros Moonseer, Acting Commander of the Kaldorei Resistance. I was more impressed by his lineage than his title – he said that he was the son of our former shan'do, Argas Moonseer. I told him that I served beside his sisters, and his distaste for the Sentinels soon became apparent. He spoke of poor Lorria's fate, and when I offered my sympathies he claimed that to the Sentinels, she was “nothing more than a number”.

As you can imagine, I took great offense – my sisters are my blood. I told him if he truly believed what he said, then he could not possibly be a soldier, let alone a commander. He stepped close, and told me threateningly that I “had some nerve”. This is when Moonshadow and I drew our weapons.

Elune's grace was with us, as a nearby priestess quickly came between the man and I to diffuse the situation. She took him aside while we sheathed our blades. I heard the man say he would “teach me some humility”, and judging by his tone, I doubt he would have calmly done so.

This is where the incident basically ends. I left the angry man with the priestess, and spoke to the female druid for only a moment before excusing Moonshadow and I to our duties. She told me only to calm myself.

I assure you, sisters, I was quite clear-headed during the ordeal, as was Moonshadow, who showed such courage on her first patrol. We took to arms only when it appeared we might be in danger. My intention was never to threaten or cause conflict; I only meant to gather information in order to best aid and protect. If I am to be reprimanded for any poor decisions, then I ask only that Recruit Moonshadow be exempt. She took after my own actions, like a good recruit, and was ready to defend me when I looked to be in trouble, like a good sister.

Regardless of my status, the following information must be of use somehow:

- Argas Moonseer is somehow affected by the Sha. I understand that the shan'do's duties take him to the far reaches of the world – he could be anywhere out of our juridiction. Or: there could be a Sha in Kalimdor.

- The Kaldorei Resistance is apparently being led by a very young and bitter man who holds our cadre in extreme distaste. I will never go so far as to call the Resistance our enemies, but it is worth concern that a man declaring himself commander over a branch of our military dislikes us very, very much.

The report ends here, with Seritana's signature scrawled below
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*Within the Watch House of Darnassus, Commander Dwin'anea is looking over patrol schedules and reports of the week. She comes across an incident report submitted by Sentinel Riversong from the previous day. As Ellesta reads through the report, she is filled with a sense of confusion, concern, anger, relief, and determination. She proceeds to look over the report multiple times before rising from her seat and heading out of the Watch House, determined to learn more of what had taken place.*

(( Nice work Seritana and Rynasha! This sounds like the start of a very interesting storyline. Hopefully more of us can start to get involved with this over the weekend if we all have some time. Looking forward to learning more.))

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