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As is tradition with all military organizations, the Sentinels have a formal uniform. These uniforms identify our characters as Sentinels and symbolize their commitment to the principles and standards of the organization they serve. When in uniform, our Sentinels are meant to be seen as a united force of soldiers, not as individuals. Listed below are the formal uniform pieces, which will be provided to each Sentinel. Please pay attention to the tabard especially, as that is the only piece of the formal uniform that may differ from one sister to another. All uniform pieces are provided by the guild.

Chest: Knitted Tunic
Hands: Knitted Gloves
Waist: Thin Cloth Belt
Legs: Haliscan Pantaloons
Feet: Simple Linen Boots
Weapon: Jambiya, enchanted with Lesser Striking (The officers will decide on a Monk alternative as soon as possible.)
Tabard: Renowned Guild Tabard (purple quality) for officers, Guild Tabard (white quality) for all others.

This formal uniform is intended to be worn by all members for the Induction Ceremony and drill practice, as well as other events when designated to do so. If you are not sure, simply inquire with an officer. Outside of these particular events, you a free to dress and equip your characters as you see fit.

In Total RP 2, we request you change your player icon to reflect your guild rank. Click on the icon and type feather in the search box, and pick the icon that corresponds with your rank:

Recruit: Brown feather, 05.
Outrunner: Red feather, 06.
Sentinel: Purple feather, 07.
Keeper: Purple feather, 07.
Watcher: Green feather, 11.
Guardian: Large green/blue feather, 12.
Huntress: Large purple feather, 13.
Commander: Gold Angelic Feather.

A note about headgear:
Headgear is not a part of the Sentinel’s uniform, aside from the following exceptions. Antlers and other body parts that obviously cannot be removed are permitted. Head wear that allows an injured or impaired sister to perform her duties, such as a blindfold, eye patch, goggles with a medical purpose, and temporary bandages are also allowed to be worn with the uniform. There may be additional exceptions made, and those will be discussed and decided on by the officers on a case-by-case basis.

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