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(For those of you who don't use TRP2, it isn't mandatory but highly recommended. Very highly. It has many features that are usually used in the guild.)

When you are given a rank in the cadre you receive ceremonial feathers from the Commander. And these feathers come in different colors for each rank.

This is how to find and display your feathers:

First go to Currently...

When you are there, click on the small picture above "Current Information."
Type "Feather" onto the Search bar and you will see this:

Well, now that I've covered how to do all that, which I expect many of you already knew (but just in case) here is each feather and it's rank.




WATCHER (Junior Officer)

GUARDIAN (Senior Officer/ Healer)

HUNTRESS(Senior Officer/ Combatant)


When you're done with finding your feather don't forget to put your title next to your name!
Here is an example...


How to show some Sentinel pride!
Heres a little thing many of us do that you might want to.

Using "States" show off your Sentinel Pride in many ways.
Add any of this to your States and you'll look great :)

Check out the TRP2s of many Officers or regular members of the guild and see what they added to make their character more Sentinel-like~

Did I miss anything? Comment.
Questions? Comment!

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This is a great guide. I tried to point people to it at a recent induction.
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If you haven't noticed already, the Huntress and Guardian feathers have changed.
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TRP3 Usage

First go to TRP3 on your minimap. It's the small orange circular icon that says "TRP."

Then, click on the "Miscellaneous" tab.

Lastly, click on an Unused slot and type out the description of your ranking feathers! Here is an example of mine...

((NOTE: Make sure to checkmark the box next to "Glance Editor" or it won't show up!))
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