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I noticed that the TRP2 threads are a bit outdated. I've been playing around with it quite a bit recently, and thought I should update them for any new members we have, or if a veteran of the guild wants to explore the addon a bit more.

Most simply use TRP as a description of their toon like MRP (myroleplay). There is quite a bit of different things you can do with TRP2, and hopefully after this explanation we can start to see what makes TRP different from other roleplay addons, and actually begin to use some of the features.

To make this easier to sort through depending on what you would like to learn, I've separated the guide into different topics. Click the topic you'd like to read to be taken to the post.

How to Install TRP2 (And other addons)
Basics of the TRP2 Bar
Character Sheets - Navigating your Profile
Creating New Things - The Creation Page, Customized States, and Simple (Unusable) Items
Creating New Things 2 - Creating Usable Items, and Complex Items with Reagents
Creating Documents - Making Readable Items, Adding Pictures to Pages, and Adding Other Text
Making Quests - The Overview
Stashing TRP2 Items in Stashes - In Progress
Changelog and Other Things

And yes, I do know that TRP2 is hopefully going to be updated to TRP3 come WoD. I'll update the post to reflect that if there are any changes.

If you find something in this guide that is incorrect, or you've discovered something new and wish to add, please feel free to comment and let me know!
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TRP2 is an addon that can be installed just like any other addon in WoW. If you have experience with addon installation, or have a client that does it for you, go ahead and skip to the next post.

For those who are a bit more unsure, here are the steps to download TRP2 on a PC. I have no idea how to work a Mac, so you're on your own if you play on one of those, sorry.

1. Go to and type in 'total RP2'.
2. Click the orange 'Download' button on the left side. You should get a popup after 5sec or so that asks if you want to open or save. Go ahead and open with WinRAR.exe.

3. WinRAR will bring up a new window. Shift+click to select all the TRP2 folders. Right click when they're selected, and choose 'Extract to the specified folder'.

4. Here's where your installation might differ. My WoW folders are in my C: drive under 'Program Files (x86)'. Some are simply under 'Program Files'. You'll have to find where your WoW folder is located.

When you extract the TRP2 folders, they need to go into your World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons folder.

5. Hit OK, and the addon has been installed. You'll have to close completely out of WoW if you have it open, so that it can restart with the addon active.

Woohoo, we've sucessfully installed TRP2! Time to have some fun!
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Once you have the TRP2 addon installed, you should see a bar on your screen. Mine defaults to the center top of WoW. It should looks something like this:

This bar has many different things that you can do.

1. Starting at the upper left is the dialog box. If you click on it, you can make an NPC say something. If you leave the target blank, it will simply start with text and not the target's name. Other people use it if they are writing paragraphs, but don't want to say their character's name at the beginning of the second post in a regular emote. You can also use it if you'd like to start an emote with "SHE nods and...", instead of "CHARACTER nods and..."

2. Beside the dialog box is the notepad. It's simply something that you can type in and keep notes. It isn't published, and other characters can't see it. I personally use it to keep tabs on health bars and attack order during RP combat. Other people might like to type their super long responses there, and then copy paste into emotes so there isn't a long space between posts while you type. It's your notepad, type what you want!

3. Under the dialog box is the Playlist icon. To be honest, I haven't played around with many sounds. I'll update this once I do.

4. Under the notepad is the language icon. This is an easy way to change your language from Darnassian to Common, if for example you have a Worgen in the group that can't understand your speech.

5. The first of the big icons is the backpack. Clicking on it brings up an inventory of all the RP items your character is carrying. You have to create them manually, and we'll talk about item creations in the item creation post.

6. The second big icon is the chest. Chests are only available while mounted. You can think of it as the gear that is tied behind the saddlebags of your saber. Items can be given weight in item creation, and you don't want your character's backpack to become overloaded, so they put all the extra heavy items in their chest for their poor mount to carry for them.

7. Stashes and Signposts are neat things that you can create. When you create a stash, it is essentially a chest that is found on the map. Players can add or take items from stashes. We'll talk more about them in the Quests and Stashes post.

8. The upper left little icon of the right group is for helmets. Clicking it will show or hide your helmet for you, without having to open your interface. Perfect for lazy people who like to take their hoods off often!

9. RP status is simply a toggle for IC, OOC, or away. If you are running around town OOC and don't want to be bothered with walk-up RP, toggle it.

10. Under the helmet toggle icon is a cloak toggle. Same idea; if you want to hide your cloak, but don't want to open your interface to do so, there you are!

11. The last button in the lower right is the AFK/here button. Pretty simple; pressing it will make you /afk, and pressing it again will cancel /afk.
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If you click on the TRP circle that defaults on your minimap, it should bring up your TRP profile for you character.

There are tabs on the left side of this window.

1. The first tab is the Directory. This is the basic information about your character, such as their name, title, class, etc. To change it, there is a button in the bottom right of the window to edit. Make sure you save the changes before you leave the page.

2. The second tab is your character Description. This is what your character looks like.

3. The Personality tab is the third tab. Here you can give someone a closer look about whether your toon is honest, brutal, etc. For example, if your character never tells a lie, add points towards 'Truthful' instead of 'Deceitful'.

4. The fourth is the Backround tab. Many people choose to leave this field blank, and allow others to find out about their backround through RP.

5. On the fifth you can change your states. States show up as icons when you target a player, and can show anything you'd like. It is essentially a 'currently' in icon form. Selecting the + icon will allow you to choose one from a pre-made list, or you can create your own state. We'll talk about that in the item and state creation post.

6. The last tab is your currently tab. At the top there are two drop-down options. The first is for in-character or not. The second is for whether you are a beginner RPer, or someone who would be able to assist beginners.

In the middle of the currently tab is an icon. This icon will be what shows in the big circle in the upper left of your profile page, and when someone mouse-overs your character. Sentinels use it to display their rank feathers. Ariete has a wonderful post about the different icons we uses in our guild, and you can see it here.

The 'currently' section functions a lot like other roleplay addons, and allows you to put what your character is currently doing, such as people-waching. This is a good place to make a 'hook', something that someone else can walk-up and approach you about.

Under that is another OOC currently tab. MRP users cannot see it, but here you can put OOC currently notes about you or your character, such as "Tabbing in and out, PST if you'd like to RP!".

At the bottom of the character profile are two buttons; character sheet and character's companions. The character sheet is all the information about your character that I just talked about above. The char's companions tab allows you to add certain pets, and write a brief comment about them, as well as give them states. By clicking the "Show all" check, it will bring up a list of every non-combat pet and mount you own. Then you can select which one you want to customize, hit the 'edit' button in the bottom right corner, and give your pet or mount a bit of personality that people can see when they mouse-over or target your pet.
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Creating new things with TRP2:

Now we're going to start being a little bit creative!

On the TRP2 bar, click the backpack. It should open an inventory that looks like this (only yours will be empty).

Next, click the backpack icon in the upper left circle.

It will bring up a new window that looks something like this:

Making a customized state:

Now we're going to learn how to make a personalized state for your character! One you have the creations page open, click the blue + icon in the lower right of the 'State Creation' section. It will bring up a window that looks like this:

It seems a bit overwhelming at first, but it is super simple. First, decide on what you want the state to be called. In this example I'm using 'Super Happy!' That goes in the 'Name' section of the 'General Information' part on the left side.

Circled in yellow is the 'Default Duration'. By default this is 0, which means the state will last until you right-click it off to cancel it like you would a normal buff in WoW. For example, if you put 60 in this field, it will make the state only last 60sec.

Under that is a description of the state. For my example I wrote 'This character feeling pretty happy, and it shows!'. This will be the flavor text when you mouse over the state when you have the person targeted.

Then you can select on the slider bar whether this is a neutral state, a debuff (such as poisoned, sick, etc), or a buff (happy, etc). Happiness is pretty positive, so I chose to make my example state a buff.

You then choose an icon that will show. Clicking on the WoW 'W', which is circled in redwill bring up an icon list of all the different pictures you can use. Choose one that represents your state!

The last option in the 'General Information' box is what kind of state it is. My happiness example is a mood/emotion, so that's what I chose on the slider.

Once you are done, make sure you hit SAVE!

From here, you can select your personalized state from the list of states in your character profile sheet.

Making a simple (unusable) item in TRP2:

If you go back to the basic creation page and hit the blue + under the 'Item Creation' tab, it will bring up a similar window that you can make items with.

To start, we're going to make an item that doesn't have a right-click-to-use. This is perfect for something simple, like a flower, that doesn't really have a set purpose.

Simply fill out the name of the item, the general information about your item in the first box. You can chose an icon, the quality of item, and even if you want it to disappear after a certain amount of time.

Once you are done, make sure you hit SAVE!

When you are done saving your item, hit 'close' under the save buttons. It will bring you back to the creation page. Right click on the item icon (which is now in the list under 'Item Creation' section), and it will ask how many you want to put in your backpack. Tada, your simple item is now in your inventory!
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Alright, we've mastered the basics of item creation. Now it's time to get even MORE creative!

Creating usable items with TRP2:

For this example I'm going to use an item I've made for the RP medical kits, the health pot! In short, each person is given one vial, one bruiseweed and one briarthorn. Both herbs are simple items, and have no use. When someone right-click-uses the empty vial, one bruiseweed and one briarthorn are taken out of the inventory (used to put in the potion), and a full health pot is added to the inventory. The health pot can be used, and will give the user a buff state for 60sec entitled 'Regenerating'.
[Briarthorn (unusable item)]+[Bruisweed (unusable item)]+[Empty Vial (useable item)]---->mixing potion (action)--->[Full Health Pot]-->drink potion (action)--->Regeneration State Buff

1. We're going to start with the state the FULL health pot gives when you use it. Open the creations tab and create a new state. In my example I called it 'Regenerating', since that's essentially what health pots do. Make sure you save your state!

2. To make the FULL health pot item, click the blue + in item creation, and fill out the 'General Information' section in the upper left exactly like you would a regular un-usable item.

3. On the left side is a section that says 'Flags'. Check the box that says 'Usable'. I've marked it with a red circle. When you do that, you should have an option to select 'On use (end)'.

4. Let's look at the section that says 'Use' in the upper right corner. Here we can change some different things about HOW your character uses the item.

'Action Name' is simply the use text in the tool tip of the item. For example, 'Use: Read the book.' or 'Use: Drink the potion.' You can put whatever action you think would work well with your item.

Now, I didn't think my character should be able to drink a potion instantaneously. Therefore in the upper right section 'Use', I made a 'use time' of 3, so it would take 3 seconds to drink the potion. (Leaving this field at 0 means it is an instant cast use.) I've marked this with yellow. When I put a different number than 0, it also gave me an 'On use (start)' option.

I also didn't want the vial to be reusable with an endless supply of potion. I put 1 in the 'charges' field, so the vial could only be used one time before it disappeared.

5. Alright, here's the fun part. By clicking on the torch that says 'On use (start)' it brings up another window to the left. The left side says 'conditions', the right 'effects'. This simply means, unless everything on the left 'condition' side is correct, the item won't be used. For my example, I selected the condition that I had to have myself targeted. (Character name equals character's target). If that is true and I have myself targeted, it will cause the effect. In this case, it will emote "drinks the potion."

6. If you decided to have a cast time for your item, 'On use (end)' works the same way. Click the torch to open the window to configure what happens AFTER the cast. This time you don't need to have a condition, since the conditions from the 'On use (start)' will still be in effect. For mine, I selected 'Add or remove state', and picked my 'Regeneration' buff that we created at the beginning. Now she'll have the buff AFTER she drinks the potion, not as soon as she puts the bottle to her lips.

7. Make sure you save your item before closing out of the creation window!

8. Close the item creation window. In the main menu of the creations, right click the icon for your item, in my case the vial, and select how many you want to be put in your inventory. Then test your item to make sure it works correctly!

Creating complex items with TRP2:

Now we're going to create an item that uses something as a reagent. In this example, we're going to be making briarhthorn and bruiseweed fill an EMPTY vial, and create the FULL health pot we made before.
[Briarthorn (unusable item)]+[Bruisweed (unusable item)]+[Empty Vial (useable item)]---->mixing potion (action)--->[Full Health Pot]-->drink potion (action)--->Regeneration State Buff

1. Make the [Briarthorn] and [Bruiseweed] as un-usable items (See post above for instructions.) Make sure you save each item before you leave the creation window!

2. Start a new item, and call it something like [Empty Vial]. Go ahead and fill in the general information, the cooldown/use time and all that. We're making this one usable, so click the check in the Flags section to open up the 'On use (end)' option.

3. You should see a couple of boxes in the bottom left filled with the 'W' tabs, one labeled Reagents (circled in baby blue) and one Tools (circled in neon green).

A TOOL is an unusable item already created that does NOT get destroyed in the creation process. This is like taking [Steak]+[Knife]--->[Cut Steak]. The knife doesn't disappear, and can be reused.

A REAGENT means that it will be destroyed in the creative process. In our example [Briarthorn]+[Bruiseweed]--->fills vial (our action)---->[Full Health Pot], the herbs are not reused and get destroyed.

4. Click the Reagent tab, and pick the item that will get destroyed. We're using [Bruiseweed], the unusable item we made before in step 1. Once you click the icon, make sure the number under the icon displays how many get destroyed. In our example, it only takes 1 [Bruiseweed] to make one [Full Health Pot], so we leave the number as one.

5. Repeat for as many tools and reagents as you have.

6. Now it's time to make the product of our action. Click the 'On use (end)' torch.

7. Under the 'Effects' side on the right, click the blue + and choose 'Inventory Add:Remove'. Now you select 'Add' the FULL [Health Potion] we created earlier. We only want one to be added, and make sure it says 'Add' and not 'Remove' when you select the items from the inventory list. Make sure you save the effect before you close the window!

8. Once you're done making your item, hit save in the center of the creations window.

9. Test your item!

If you followed the directions for my example, in the creations window you should have [Briarthorn], [Bruiseweed], [Empty Vial] and [Health Potion]. Left click and give yourself 1x[Briarthorn] 1x[Bruiseweed] and 1x[Empty Vial']. When you click the [Empty Vial], one of each herb should be removed, and a full [Health Pot] should be created. Then if you click the [Health Pot], you should be granted a temporary buff for Regeneration.
[Briarthorn (unusable item)]+[Bruisweed (unusable item)]+[Empty Vial (useable item)]---->mixing potion (action)--->[Full Health Pot]-->drink potion (action)--->Regeneration State Buff
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Creating Documents with TRP2

In order to make a book, letter, or other readable item, you have to first write the item!

1. Click on the blue + in the lower right of the Documents section on the Creations page.

2. Fill out the general information in the upper left section, including the title and the icon.

3. Click the blue + in the bottom right corner of the 'Page List' section. This will bring up a new window to the right. Type in what you want the page to say. Don't forget to save the page using the save button directly above the text after writing. You have to save each page individually!

4. Once you are done making all your pages, make sure you click the save button in the 'General Information' section to save the book as a whole.

5. Exit out of the document creation.

6. Click the blue + in the 'Item Creation' section of the Creations page.

7. Fill in the general information, and make your item usable.

8. Under 'On use (end)', make an effect that 'Displays document'. Select the text you just wrote, and hit save in the effect box.

9. Save your item as a whole, and go and test it! You should be able to read the book once you put it in your inventory.

Adding different pictures to your TRP2 pages:

1. To add a picture to one of your pages, you must first locate the root folder of the item within your WoW installation folders. This is a bit tricky. Most images you want will be in the 'Interface' folder. Icons, such as spells and items, are in the 'Interface/icons' folder. (If you want to use an icon for your picture, an easy way to find the root folder is to click on the icon that you would choose an icon for your item. Locate which icon you want, and mouse over it. It will tell you the location. )

For my example, we're going to use an icon of Briarthorn.

2. In the document creation page, open the page you want the picture to be on.

3. In the bottom right corner of the 'Effects' box, LEFT click the blue +. This will bring up a new window below where you normally type in text.

4. In the box that says 'Access Path', type in the location of the picture relative to the WoW folder on your computer. Briarthorn is 'Root 01', so in that box I type in interface/icons/inv_misc_root_01.

5. Fill in the other boxes.
'Level' refers to which layer your picture will be on. This is important if you are planning on having more than one picture on the page, one on top of one another. If you only have one picture, go ahead and leave that one alone.
Width/Height and Position are pretty self explanatory. This is how big you want your picture, and where you want it on the page.
If you'd rather your picture be black and white, click desaturate. You can also change the colors of your picture if you'd like, though if you like it as-is, leave the colors as white.

6. Make sure you save your picture effect. You then have to also save the page, and then again save the whole book as a whole.

Adding different texts (fonts and sizes) to your TRP2 document:

1. In the document creation page, open the page you want the text to be on.

2. In the bottom right of the 'Effects' box, RIGHT click the blue +. This will open a new window under where you normally type text.

3. Type in what you want the text to say in the box that says 'Text'.

4. Fill in the other boxes.
'Level' refers to which layer your text will be on. This is important if you are planning on having more than one text on the page, one on top of one another. If you only have one text, go ahead and leave that one alone.
Width/Height and Position are pretty self explanatory. This is how big you want your text, and where you want it on the page. Text defaults to the very center of the page.
Font, colors, and shadow are pretty easy as well. Choose what style you want your letters to be in, what color, and if you want them to have a shadow behind.
Vertical and Horizontal alignment just say where your text will default. You can change these so the text starts in the upper right if you'd like, or just move the entire text box using the position buttons.

5. Make sure you save your text effect. You then have to also save the page, and then again save the whole book as a whole.

An IMPORTANT note about making documents with TRP2:

You can NOT go back and add pages between pages you've already written (you can't add a new page between page 2 and 3 for example). All the pages you write HAVE to be created in order. This is especially annoying if you're making a book in alphabetical order, like an encyclopedia, and accidentally forget a page.

I HIGHLY suggest typing what you want your book to say in a normal Word document, then copy pasting into your TRP2 document. Then, if you write it out of order or you forget to save (like I do frequently), you still have everything you had written.
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Wonderful guide, Alesune. Worth a pin to the top!
A little kindness goes a long way.
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Making a TRP2 Quest:

Disclaimer: Making quests is not for the faint of heart. I don't suggest attempting to make a quest unless you have experimented with TRP2 items and know the limitations of what you can or cannot do with events. For my explanation I am giving a brief overview of how you would do it, and don't plan on going into detail about every different way you can take your quest.

Before you begin, have a good general idea of what you want your quest to be. This will help you lay out steps in your head and get a good idea of how many different actions you want to take.

1. Click the blue + in the bottom right hand corner of the 'Quests' box on the creations page to open a new window.

2. Fill out the general information, including the name of your quest and the icon.

3. Under 'Flags', I suggest you keep all three boxes checked. Write-lock keeps someone else from going in and changing your quest (and therefore changing everyone's quest). May be added makes it simple for someone to add your quest (who would have thought that's what that button meant?). Reset is handy if you want the quest to be able to be repeated, or if some part of the quest is bugged for whatever reason and they need to start over.

Make the first step:

4. Click the blue + under 'Steps' to add the first step.

5. Fill in the general information.
I highly suggest leaving the step name as '00_'. This makes it easier later on to add steps and the progression between steps.
The description is what the person would see in their quest log. It doesn't have to be super long, but give them a nice reminder of what they need to do to move on to the next step in the quest.
The 'Flag' is whether or not this is the end of the quest chain. Obviously failure means they failed the quest, and success means it is completed. Leave this section as 'None' if you are still in the middle of the quest.

The torch on the 'Step' window is whether or not you want something to happen when they get to that step. If you have an NPC, they might say something that leads into the next part of the quest, or text block might appear with a quest-like window. THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN THE RESULT OF THE ACTION THE QUESTEE TAKES, AND HAPPENS BEFORE THEY DO ANYTHING. You do not have to have a step effect, this is just to add a bit of flavor.

For my example, I am going to have Billy Bob NPC send a letter to the questee asking for help. This will be the beginning of the quest, and will appear as a pop-up text block.

6. Click the torch. Under 'Effects' I select 'Display Text'. Under the display text you have multiple different options, from a normal chat message, to raid warnings and quests. I'm selecting 'Quest' from the drop-down option. Type in your text. Every new line break (hitting enter to start a new line) will be a new page on the quest. The first page on my example will be the letter emote, and the second what the page actually says. You can also add icons to this quest text. I've chosen a letter, to symbolize the fact this was a letter mailed to my questee. Here's how to type it out:

pas cible
{questicon:INV_Letter_13}<Billy Bob NPC sent you a letter:>
I need your help. Sally Sue NPC wants me to bring her a item, but I can't get it myself. Please come talk to me, and I'll give you more details!

Note that you only need the 'pas cible' if you're making a quest icon in your quest text. You can choose any icon in the interface/icon folder (any icon that you can use to make a TRP2 item).

7. Make sure to save your effect, and then the step before moving on!

Make the action that progresses the step:

8. Click the blue + in the lower right hand corner of 'Actions' to open a new window.

9. Fill in the step number. This is the step you are LEAVING, not the one you are progressing to!

10. Here is where things get a bit tricky; You can only have so many things that progress your quest. Here are the drop-down options:
'Look' is obviously looking intently at a person or thing.
'Listen' listens to a person, thing, or what is around the questee. This is good when your questee is listening to an NPC give instructions on what to do next.
'Search' means you are rifling through someone's bag, looting a creature after battle, or just generally searching the area for something.
'Say' is a bit buggy. If you select this option, you would type in the trigger word in the 'Talks' box. It needs to be something simple, like 'Yes', because the questee can say whatever they want in /s, and you want it to be something general they would know to say. Unfortunately, I've only gotten 'Say' to work once, and couldn't get it to function again, even when running the same quest over and saying the exact same thing. Make sure you test your 'Says' before you send someone out on a mission.

You can also make an item, that when received into their inventory, automatically progresses the text. We'll get to that in a moment.

For my example, I'm going to have the questeee 'Listen' to Billy Bob NPC, to see what item he needs to find to make Sally Sue NPC happy. I selected 'Listen' from the drop down category.

11. Click the torch for the action, and set the conditions. In my example, I want the questee to listen to a specific person, so under 'Conditions' I choose 'Character Name (target)' and make it equal to my NPC name, Billy Bob NPC. Hit save when finishing your conditions!

12. Under 'Effects', choose 'Quest:Change Step'. Select the quest you want to effect, and under the step number, put the step you are going TO.
Go ahead and leave the drop down option as 'Do nothing'. (Force is best for when you're looting items).

If you want something to happen as your questee is doing the action, such as an emote, now is the time to add it in. This emote/action/sound/etc will be played as the questee is doing the quest action (listen/look/search). Make sure you save your effects before leaving!

13. Save your action as a whole!

Make the next step:

14: Make the next step, just the same as you did the first time. Click the +, fill in the general information, and decide if there will be an event, such as a sound effect or the NPC talking. In my example, I'm going to make the questee go fetch a spider leg for Billy Bob NPC to give to Sally Sue NPC (because we all know how much girls like spiders, right? >.>) Therefore, I'm going to make an 'Effect' that displays text, this time in the chat log. Remember, display chat text is different from a regular emote in the fact that only the questee will see it!

Billy Bob NPC says: Sally Sue NPC just LOVES spider legs! I know it will make her super happy if I give her one! Can you go find a spider, and bring me back a leg or two?

Make sure to save your effect, and then the step as a whole before moving on!

Make the next action:

15. Click the blue + to start a new action. Fill in the step number of the step you're leaving, and decide on the action that your questee will take. For this, I'm making the questee fetch a spider leg, which will work nicely with searching the corpse.

I click the torch, and fill out my conditions. For this, I want questee to be targetting a spider, so I fill in the name of the Spider NPC. I then choose 'Character:Dead (target)', because pulling legs off LIVE spiders is just cruel. Save your conditions!

For effects, I choose to add an inventory item to my questee's bag: the spider leg. (You have to make this item beforehand.) Save your effects!

Instead of making the quest progress when the questee searched the spider, I made the item progress the quest. To do this, when you make the item select 'Upin reception' from the 'Triggers'. Then choose to progress the quest, choosing the quest number you are going TO.

Save your action, and make the next step!

Make the next step:

By now, I think you know what I'll say here. Make a new step, fill in the info. Under effects I removed the spider leg from my questee's inventory, since they gave it to Billy Bob NPC, and had Billy Bob NPC thank them immensely through a 'display text' chat box.

Continue making steps and actions until your quest is complete!
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#9935438 Adellwyna wrote:

Wonderful guide, Alesune. Worth a pin to the top!

Thanks so much for the pin! I'm really hoping this guide helps our members (new and old) get the most out of the RP addon most of us use.
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Alesune you are on fire with this one! Excellently done!
#10000988 Sep 10, 2014 at 12:47 PM
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Reserved for Stashes!
#10000992 Sep 10, 2014 at 12:47 PM
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Reserved for anything else I might've forgotten......
#10000999 Sep 10, 2014 at 12:48 PM
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Alright, updated the guide to include documents and quests. Still have stashes to do, but it WILL get done!
#10001670 Sep 10, 2014 at 02:51 PM
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#10000999 Alesune wrote:

Alright, updated the guide to include documents and quests. Still have stashes to do, but it WILL get done!

This is all so wonderful! :D
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