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#10083933 Sep 29, 2014 at 09:19 AM · Edited over 7 years ago
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In case you haven't already seen, TRP3 is up and running alpha. Since I know the majority of functions in TRP2, I thought I'd go ahead and test it out for anyone who might be interested.

If you want to test it yourself, here is the link to download TRP3 alpha.

I've also posted on the WRA forum "TRP3 who is making the switch" post, and there might be some added information there as well from others

Here is what I found after 5min or so of playing around with the new alpha. Thanks go to Keen, who willingly stood there and let me test the compatibility with TRP2.

"I've made a point to be familiar with TRP2, and have written guides about how to use the majority of the functions. My guild, Sentinel, also encourages TRP2 over MRP because we use items in our RP.
Today, I had a fellow TRP2 guildie stand there as I tested out some different aspects of TRP3. The main thing that I noticed that some features don't seem to communicate well in the alpha, and others are missing completely (no background info in TRP3, no misc RP info in TRP2, etc.) I understand this is just the alpha, but I'd like to talk about some of the changes between TRP2 and TRP3, for those curious.

To start off, the interface for TRP3 is much different. You still have the basic bar (show/hide helm, IC/OOC toggle, etc), but it's greatly reduced; no more items, quests, stashes, etc in the alpha. It remains to be seen if those will be added in later, or if we'll have to use GHI to make up for this loss.

The main interface is streamlined and follows the basic look of the blizzUI. You can also make more than one profile per toon, something that TRP2 didn't allow before (Alesune now has her Sentinel profile, and a trolltastic flightform AFK one).

You're given the same basic character directory sheet with name/title, birthplace, eye color, etc. You also have a place for "About", which I'm assuming is the physical description AND the background combined. It seems from my guildie and my testing that only TRP2 descriptions will appear here, and not their history, leaving you completely in the dark if they have notes there about their character's background.

TRP3 also has a new 'misc' area, where you can put in clear terms what kind of RP duel you like (PVP, dice rolls, etc), if you're okay with injuries or romance, or even if you'd let someone ICly kill off your character. This new feature is for TRP3 only, but covers a lot of the gray area you might have when starting new RP with someone you don't know. In the misc section is also an 'at first glance' place, where you can make up to five icons that seem similar to states. This didn't seem to be communicating through the different addons, as I couldn't see her TRP2 states, and she couldn't see my 'at a glance' state-like things.

TRP3 also makes it pretty clear if you've seen someone and RPed with them before, because when you click on them for the first time it comes up with a button as to whether they are your friend, business only, neutral, unfriendly, family, etc. That makes it extremely easy to sort through profiles that are saved into your directory. It's also helpful if you play more than one character, so you know exactly how your current char feels rather than wondering if you saw them on Toon A or Toon B."
* I'd also like to add that there is a "this realm only" box. Perhaps we might see xrealmable TRP3s in the future? *

As of now, the compatibility between TRP2 and TRP3 is a bit off, but that's understandable; TRP3 is still in alpha. If at all possible, I personally think we should keep TRP2 profiles until the point the majority of the guild agrees to switch over, for the simple fact the alpha doesn't communicate fully yet. That isn't to say you can't and shouldn't mess around with TRP3 and get to know some of the new buttons!

Just remember, if you want your TRP2 description in your TRP3 profile, you need to copy/paste it into a word document, because you can't have them open at the same time or import your TRP2 into TRP3 in the alpha.

#10084155 Sep 29, 2014 at 10:15 AM · Edited over 7 years ago
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I'd like to add that on the directory page at the bottom you can filter by name or by guild. There is also a 'this realm only' box you can check. I'm not sure if that means TRP3 will be x-server from the start, or if I'd have to have toons on both WRA and MG to see MG profiles as well.

If it DOES show the TRP3s of my xrealm buddies, I'll be really pumped. That will be the definitive factor in me personally switching sooner than a beta.

EDIT: I just tested it with a WRA guildie of mine. (Hurray for guildies who put up with incessant pesterings about addons! This thanks is to Saelunae, who I stopped while questing!) I saw her long enough to catch her TRP2 name, then logged over to an alt.

It seems that if you have already seen their profile on their home server, you will be able to pull it up on your other characters regardless of server. HOWEVER, after I was on MG staring straight at my WRA guildie, I asked her to do simple things, such as edit her name or change her description. These changes were not reflected xserver.
This means that unless you've seen them at one point on their home server, you won't see that they have an RP addon installed, which is no different from now. You'll have to visit an alt just to fill in the TRP/MRP info of those random xserver people you always see hanging out in the same spot.

This, to me, is still a step in the right direction, even if it means my xrealm buddies won't be able to see my 'currently' and all the things I change from time to time. After I toon hop to an off-server alt once and look at them, I'll hopefully be able to pull their information up on any toon I'm on.
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#10084432 Sep 29, 2014 at 11:23 AM
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In case anyone was wondering, I posted on the developer's forums. Hopefully he'll take what we said into account and adjust TRP3 to be a bit more unique than a glorified MRP. If you'd like to read my concerns for him, you can do so here.
#10084436 Sep 29, 2014 at 11:25 AM
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And it goes without saying that come the TRP3 beta I'll make a masterpost walk-through of all the new buttons of TRP3. Keep an eye out for it in the future!
#10084890 Sep 29, 2014 at 01:03 PM · Edited over 7 years ago
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I read over your comment on the Total RP 3 forum and wanted to thank you for speaking on behalf of the guild.
It's important that we get our concerns voiced so that we may retain the features that our guild is both accustomed to and enjoy.
Keep us updated!


"And how can women die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of her mothers, and the temples of her Gods?"
#10085424 Sep 29, 2014 at 02:58 PM
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It's looking very good so far. I don't think I'll ask everyone to make the switch until the mod is officially released in it's finished state (which I think they're aiming to coincide with WoD's release).
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#10086569 Sep 29, 2014 at 09:16 PM
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If TRP3 does in fact work cross server, I'll be so happy once this goes live! :D
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#10086679 Sep 29, 2014 at 10:04 PM
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#10086741 Sep 29, 2014 at 10:35 PM
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#10086569 Achlysse/Illyirana wrote:

If TRP3 does in fact work cross server, I'll be so happy once this goes live! :D

From what I can tell, and what I've heard others say about caching profiles, is that you'll have to physically hop on an alt, view their profile, and then pop back on your main toon. It won't just show up xserver, since the info is still saved per server.
#10090150 Sep 30, 2014 at 03:04 PM
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Alright, so I wrote on the TRP3 devo forums, and recieved a reply back! If you'd like to check out his post and/or surf the rest of the forums, click here!

RE: Tested 9/29/14, comments

Thank you for your feedback :)

(Yesterday 08:10 PM)Alesune Wrote: The first thing I noticed was the basic bar on TRP3. [...] If something like that could be implemented for only the user to see, it would be nice.

To answer the three point you raised : it's still alpha/beta. This version only includes the characters' part, but that doesn't mean that's all we have in stock ^^ Total RP 3 has a modules architecture and even if it goes out in november with only the characters' part, we (and also others) can add features really easily later by adding modules to the base of the add-on. An item module is planed, and we will add more stuff. For the language system, for now, the best is to use Tongues, and as for the item part, you can keep Total RP 2 (it should run fine alongside Total RP 3) and use its item system for now :)

(Yesterday 08:10 PM)Alesune Wrote: I'm also a fan of the buttons that appear when you are targeting a person (page, relationship, ignore), but I feel those might be a bit big and bulky. Is there a way to scale the size of the icons, similar to that of the toolbar?

We've seen that request a lot and we'll look into making the size of the bar customizable :)

(Yesterday 08:10 PM)Alesune Wrote: Concerning the mouseovers, one feature that I've come to love about TRP2 is the OOC information. It was good to note if someone was shy but loved walk-ups, or if someone had a habit of tabbing out until whispered. If there was an option to show OOC information with your currently, it would be great.

This will be discussed, we don't want the tooltip to be filled with too many information. We will also look into using the "looking for contacts" field, like MRP does.

(Yesterday 08:10 PM)Alesune Wrote: My TRP3 "currently" doesn't seem to be showing up for non-TRP3 users at all, and those with long TRP2 "currently" seem to be cut-off when I view them.

The first part is weird, the second part is on purpose ^^ You can check the "currently" of someone on it's profile, over the relation icon.

(Yesterday 08:10 PM)Alesune Wrote: It was also noticed that TRP2 profile icons were not communicated into TRP3, and vice-versa. I had multiple guildies assist me in checking, with multiple reloads in between to make sure.

Total RP 2 has been updated to transfer more information over the MSP protocol (such as the profile icon), so you need version 1.028+ to get this. By the way, version 1.030 will be available soon with even more compatibility (with TRP3 and also MRP and XRP).

(Yesterday 08:10 PM)Alesune Wrote: The main interface looks really nice, and flows well with the rest of the blizzard UI. However, I felt the main window was rather large. Can there be a way to scale it back just a bit, or take out some of the dead space to make it smaller? It took up the majority of my screen, and took away from the overall RP experience in general.

We will look into that, but as it is a complicated interface with many parts that might look bad once resized, I can't give you a definitive answer. It has been reported by other players, so we will definitely check what can be done about that.

(Yesterday 08:10 PM)Alesune Wrote: With character profiles, the "background" section of all other RP addons I viewed would not show up at all. I only was able to read the "physical description" of their characters.

That is not normal. We will check that.

(Yesterday 08:10 PM)Alesune Wrote: I'm assuming "at a glance" works the same way TRP2 states did, though I wish there was a way to communicate TRP2 states into TRP3 "at a glance".

A "transitional" module is planned to make the transition from Total RP 2 to Total RP 3 seamless. We will do our best to bring all we can from Total RP 2 to Total RP 3 so users don't have to rewrite they entire profile :)

(Yesterday 08:10 PM)Alesune Wrote: I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product. If there is anything I can do suggestion-wise to help you out, feel free to let me know; I'm a huge fan of how RP addons can affect the RP community for the better, and want to see this project succeed to the best of its abilities. I hope that all my comments will be helpful in some way, and keep up the excellent work!

Thank you for your comments :) We have a place to post suggestions if you have some. We like even silly ones because even if they are not feasible, they might give us the spark of a great idea ^^

Knowing that this alpha doesn't have all the parts they want to implement is really exciting to me. He pretty much said that even if TRP3 is just a glorified MRP come the beginning of WoD, they plan on adding all the features we love, such as the TRP items. I've also played around with it, and will be writing a guide ASAP, so be sure to check the forums!
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