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TRP3 Catch-All Thread (New and Improved and Fun to Use!)

Alright, here it is! The guide for TRP3 installation and use!

Bear in mind, this addon is STILL IN ALPHA. That means some things WILL be changed, improved, and/or added! I'll work really hard to add these notes in the change log and keep this post updated. That being said, don't forget to check back and see what has changed with each update of the addon!

TRP3 Installation - How to Download and Install
TRP3 Basics - Basic Toolbar and Character (Target) Bar
TRP3 Profile - Creating Your Character(s)
TRP3 for the Sentinel Cadre
TRP3 Item Creation and You - Making Custom Items (Coming in a Future Patch!)
TRP3 Additions - Going Above and Beyond a Simple MRP (Coming in a Future Patch!)
TRP3 Change Log - Updates and Notes from the Alpha Build
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TRP3 Installation -How to Download and Install

TRP3 has made it to! That makes it really easy to get started, simply click here to go to the curse download page. If you use curse client or already know how to download and install your addons, go ahead and skip to learning the basics of TRP3.

(Please note: I was too lazy to redo all my pictures of downloading and installation, and therefore these pictures say TRP2. If you click the link above, it will take you to the correct TRP3 page. Installation is the same, no matter what addon you use!)

For those who are a bit more unsure, here are the steps to download TRP3 on a PC. I have no idea how to work a Mac, so you're on your own if you play on one of those, sorry.

1. Go to and type in 'total RP3', or click the link at the top of this post.
2. Click the orange 'Download' button on the left side. You should get a popup after 5sec or so that asks if you want to open or save. Go ahead and open with WinRAR.exe.

3. WinRAR will bring up a new window. Shift+click to select all the TRP3 folders. Right click when they're selected, and choose 'Extract to the specified folder'.

4. Here's where your installation might differ. My WoW folders are in my C: drive under 'Program Files (x86)'. Some are simply under 'Program Files'. You'll have to find where your WoW folder is located.

When you extract the TRP3 folders, they need to go into your World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons folder.

5. Hit OK, and the addon has been installed. You'll have to close completely out of WoW if you have it open, so that it can restart with the addon active.

Woohoo, we've sucessfully installed TRP3! Time to have some fun!
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TRP3 Basics - Basic Toolbar and Character (Target) Bar

Once you have TRP3 installed, you should have a bar that defaults at the top of your screen.

That bar that says [Total RP3] is your "Basic Toolbar". Left-click drag to move it around your screen.

The far left button is your hide/show cloak button. Click it to toggle your cloak.
The second from the left is your hide/show helm button. Click it to toggle your helm.
The third is your normal/away button. If you want to go "AFK/Away", LEFT-click the button (or simply /afk). To flag as "Do Not Disturb", RIGHT-click the button.
The last (far right) button is your IC/OOC button. Click it to toggle between "In Character" or "Out of Character".

When you click on a character who has a roleplay addon installed, you should come up with another bar towards the bottom/middle of your screen. This bar is your "Character Bar". Left-click drag to move it around your screen. (Note: this bar will not appear if the person you are targetting does NOT have a RP addon installed!)

The character's name that you have targeted will show along the top of the bar. Under the bar will be a few circles, depending on how many "At a Glance" buffs they have active. Scrolling over these circles will display the buff that they added to their character. We'll talk more about "At a Glance" buffs later during our character profile customization. (Note: These circles will only be displayed if they have TRP3 installed and have an active "At a Glance" buff!)

There should be a few icons that pop up in the middle of your Character Bar. (Note: Only the scroll icon will show if you have yourself targetted!)

The "Scroll" icon on the far left will display the targeted character's RP Profile when clicked.
The middle button is the "Relationship" icon. Here you can choose whether they are a business partner to your character, a friend, family member, etc. This makes it easy to sort through those you've met later on when we talk about the "Directory". (Note: It's always advisable to put some sort of relationship here if you've RPed with this person, even if it's neutral and you aren't close buddies, since every profile your addon picks up will be added to the Directory, regardless as to whether you've RPed with them or not.)
The last button is the "Ignore" button. Can't stand someone? This makes it really easy to ignore someone's obnoxious trolling.

Feel like you've mastered the Basic Toolbar and Character Bars? Let's move on to customizing your profile!

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TRP3 Profile -Creating Your Character(s)

To open the main TRP3 window, LEFT-click on the minimap icon, or hit the scroll icon when you have someone targeted.

On the left side we have different tabs. These tabs will take you to different parts of the profile, so make sure you are paying attention to which tab we are talking about!

At the top of the main TRP3 tab you have your IC/OOC drop down options, as well as Experienced/Rookie/Volunteer. This simply puts an icon on your mouseover so that people can tell if you would like help, or are able to help newer RPers.

At the bottom of the main screen we have the "Notifications". This will tells you when a profile was added to your directory or updated.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Character Tab

The Character Tab has two separate tabs within it: The "Profile" tab, and the "Current Character" tab.

The Profile tab allows you to make/edit all the profiles for every character you have on your account. In TRP2 we were only given one profile, and had to edit it if we wanted to make a different persona for the same character. In TRP3 you can create as many profiles as you want! Simply hit the "Create Profile" button at the top of the window to create another. This makes it simple to have your Sentinel Character profile, and a trolltastic away profile for when you want to sit in birdform and /AFK.

You can also edit different character's profiles. Simply select the profile you want to edit. (Note: this will make the selected profile your current TRP showing to everyone.)

The second tab at the top of the Profile tab allows you to IMPORT profiles from TRP2. You must have both TRP2 and TRP3 installed and turned on in your addons options. Then simply hit the red 'Import All' button near the top of that window, and tada! No more need to copy-paste everything over!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The second tab is the "Current Character" tab. Here is where we actually edit what other people read when they inspect your character. Near the top are three more tabs, "Characteristics", "About", and "Misc"

Editing the Characteristics allows you to change your character's name, birthplace, and all the other basic information.

(Note: It is highly recommended to those in <Sentinel> that you change your profile icon to your rank feather. To do this, simply click on the icon by your name and search for 'feather'. More info on different rank feathers and which you should use can be found in this post.Another suggestion is to put your rank as your character title. This helps keep RP organized with the mouseover rank info, without having to open the guild tab to see if you're talking to someone higher or lower ranking than you.)

Scroll down and you can "Add an Additional Field", where you put the category, and then the answer. In my example I used "Druidic Calling" and specified that Alesune is a "Druid of the Grove". You don't have to use additional fields, but you might be able to add more detail to your character.

Further down the Characteristics are the TRP3 sliders. They function slightly different than TRP2, having only 5 bars instead of 10, but mean the same thing. Add a field of your choice, and then select whether your character leans more towards one side or the other. For example, Alesune is Superstitious and believes whole-heartedly in Elune and the Ancients and will always tell the truth. Pick which sliders would say the most about your character. There is also an option to create your own sliders!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Pictured Upper Left=Template 1, Upper Right=Template 3, Below=Template 2 before and after editing

The "About" tab is where you put your description and your background information.

TRP3 gives us a bit more customization than other addons. The First Template allows you to write one long post. You can change font colors, size, and even add links. (Note: these customizations might not show properly when viewed by someone with an older RP addon.)
The Third Template splits things up a bit into three different fields: Physical Description, Personality, and History. (Note: it's a bit unclear how these will be viewed with an older RP addon, since most split it into two categories instead of three: description and background.)
The Second Template functions the same as the third, only it allows you to add as many fields as you want, and name them as you wish. You can split details into much smaller parts, such as 'Armor Description', 'Facial Description', 'Tattoos', or however else you deem appropriate. (In my example for Template 2 I split my sections into "physical desciption", "armor", "weapon of choice", and a bit about her companion, Tavanor. I also changed the background to give it a bit more uniqueness.) (Note: this will display as one post for those who use a different addon, similar to Template 1.)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

TRP3 also gives us the option to set a theme song for our characters. If you click on the red arrow next to 'Character Theme' with your 'About' tab in edit mode, it will open a new window. Listed are all the songs in WoW. Right click a song to preview listen to it, left click to select it. Make sure you finish saving your edited 'About' section.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The "Miscellaneous" tab is the last part of your profile that is viewble by others. (Note: With the exception of the 'Currently' sections, things on the Misc tab will only be visible to those will TRP3 installed!)

The top section is your "At a Glance". These are the small circles that show on the "Character Bar" when you target a user with TRP3. These are things that other character should be able to pick up on right away, just by looking at your character. Broken bones, certain smells, obvious things that someone would notice just by looking at your character are good candidates for an "At a Glance" buff. (Note: 'Sentinel Pride' is a good one to have, as it displays your affiliation with <Sentinel>. This could be in the form of your character's rank feathers, or the tabard if she is in uniform on patrols.)
To add a new AaG buff, click on the icon space you'd like to put it. This will open up a new window. Fill in the information about the buff, including the name, the description, and the icon you want displayed. You can also save this buff in a preset, which is especially helpful if you have more than one toon you'd like the AaG buff on, such as the 'Sentinel Pride' for multiple toons in the guild.

To update your "Currently", the "Status" bar on the "Total RP3" tab is the place to type. The currently section is reserved for anything your character might be currently doing, or things that can be considered 'hooks' for someone else to initiate walk-up RP. Try to make it someone that would be interesting and lead to someone approaching you! There is also an OOC spot to put notes, such as 'I tend to tab out, PST me!' or 'Walk-ups welcome!' (Note: TRP3's currently section and OOC section are a lot smaller than on TRP2. This was done intentionally, to give the passers-by a taste of your character, and not the whole piece! Try to keep it short, or it will not be displayed fully.)

The third section gives you drop down selections for your personal RP preference. Don't want your character killed in RP? Say so! This also gives different options for character injury, if your guild is IC or OOC, how you'd like an RP battle to go (PVP, roll emote, dice rolls, etc.) and your RP habits.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Companion Tab

On the Companion tab you can add a pet or mount that your character is associated with. Add a companion with the button at the top, and then edit it. The edit works just like the First Template, and allows you to describe the character. You can change the name of the companion and the icon as well.

To bind a companion pet to one of your companion profiles, have your pet out and targeted. A Character Bar should appear with a cogwheel. Click the cogwheel icon and it will ask what companion profile you'd like to link it to. (Note: only pets that have been renamed in the Blizz pet UI can be bound. Unnamed pets have a bug that they cannot be bound. )

(Note: as of yet, there is no way to bind your companion to a mount in-game. Once this is fixed, I will update the post on how to display this information on a pet/mount mouseover.)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Directory Tab

The Directory tab allows you to read over anyone's profile that you have previously seen. It also allows you to sort through your contacts by name or guild. The yellow icon under the 'Flags' column will tell you if you haven't read their profile.
(Note: ALL characters with a RP addon will be picked up and added to your directory. In order to remember whether or not you've RPed with them, it's highly advisable to give them a relationship to your character, even if it's simply neutral!)

Near the bottom is a check box for 'This realm only'. If you have a toon on a different server that picked up directory profiles, checking this will ensure you only see profiles for those on your current server. (Note: you have to have a character on a player's home server to see their profile! This means that unless you've seen them at one point on their home server, you won't see that they have an RP addon installed, which is no different from now. You'll have to visit an alt just to fill in the TRP/MRP info of those random xserver people you always see hanging out in the same spot.
Also, if someone xserver changes information in their profile, it will not update xserver unless you toon hop and look at them again. Don't hold xserver's 'currently's as always true, unless you recently toon-hopped to check!)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Settings Tab

The settings tab is obviously where you want to go if you want to change something. There are too many different things to go over at this point, and more will be added. If you have a specific question as to what a certain setting does, feel free to ask either in this post or in-game, and we'll see what we can do to help you out. :)
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Reserved for item creation (coming sometime in a future patch!)
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Reserved for other things they add (coming sometime in a future patch!)
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Reserved for future things.
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Reserved for future things.
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Change Log and Updates

10/1/14 - Created the Guide
10/9/14 - Added pictures about 'About-Template 2', added a bit of clarity to the different 'About-Templates' - TRP3 Profile - Creating your Character[s]
10/15/14 - Updated to Version 0.2.3 (Build 6). This includes changes to the 'Currently' section. - TRP3 Profile - Creating your Character[s]
10/19/14 - Added a new section for the Sentinel specifics - TRP3 for the Sentinel Cadre
10/27/14 - Added the 'Import Profile' feature under 'Character Profiles' - TRP3 Profile - Creating your Character[s]
11/10/14 - Added 'Character Themes' information in the 'About' tab. Adjusted pictures for clarity - TRP3 Profile - Creating your Character[s]
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TRP3 for the Sentinel Cadre

TRP3 gives us quite a few different options for customizing your character to fit Sentinel. In this section we'll discuss some of the main things you can do to make your position within our unit stand out.

Changing your Title
TRP3 gives us not only the option for a first and last name, but also to include titles.

Step 1: Open your TRP3 interface, and select the 'Character' tab on the left side. Highlight the sub-tab of your current character's profile.
Step 2: Click the red 'Edit' button in the top left of the character's profile. This will bring up different fields to fill out.
Step 3: Change 'Title' to your rank within the Sentinels. (Full title is a separate field, which can be something completely unrelated to the Sentinels such as "Druid of the Grove")
Step 4: Hit the red 'Save' button in the upper right.

Changing your Icon
On the tooltip mouseover, a small icon is displayed. This is customizable as well!
In the Sentinel Cadre we use feathers to denote rank. The colors are easily recognizable, so even if you were unsure as to who you were speaking with, you'd at least know whether they were higher or lower rank than you. For this reason it's recommended to change your icon to the corresponding feather.

Step 1: Open your TRP3 interface, and select the 'Character' tab on the left side. Highlight the sub-tab of your current character's profile.
Step 2: Click the red 'Edit' button in the top left of the character's profile. This will bring up different fields to fill out.
Step 3: Click the icon to the left of the 'Title' field. It will bring up a separate window.
Step 4: Search "feather" in the search bar of the new icon window. All the feathers will be displayed.
Step 5: Select the feather that corresponds to your rank. A full post on feathers and their colors can be found here. For simplicity, Recruits are inv_feather_05 , Outrunners are 06, Sentinel/Keeper 07, Watcher 11, Guardian 12, Huntress 13, and Commanders use ability_priest_angelicfeather.
Step 6: Hit the red 'Save' button in the upper right.

'At a Glance' buffs

'At a Glance' buffs are similar to TRP2 'States'. These icons with mouseover flavor text enable someone to quickly identify certain things about a character, without having to read their entire character description.
One way you can incorporate <Sentinel> is to make your feather or uniform an 'At a Glace'.

Step 1: Open your TRP3 interface, and select the 'Character' tab on the left side. Highlight the sub-tab of your current character's profile.
Step 2: Click the 'Miscellanous' tab on the top right of your character's profile.
Step 3: Click one of the five 'At a Glance' slots. This will bring up a small pop-up window.
Step 4: Click the 'Activate this slot' check box in the upper left. You can toggle the buff by checking or unchecking this box in the future.
Step 5: Fill out the 'Attribute Name' and the description of the state.
Step 6: Click on the icon button to the left of the description. You can chose any icon, though your rank feather might be preferrable.
Step 7 (optional): Save this 'At a Glance' buff with the presets at the bottom. You can save them by name, making it easy to reuse a state later.
Step 8: Hit the red 'Apply' button in the top right of the pop-up window.
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