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#10614327 Feb 02, 2015 at 06:06 PM
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/Roll Battle with Addon Assistance

There are some addons that can alter /roll battles slightly, allowing you to account for some of your character's skills in battle. RP Combat Dice is one such addon. With RP Combat Dice, you check which skills your character has (melee fighter, ranged fighter, healer, etc), and it will automatically add points to your rolls for those particular skills.

"What the bell curve does is fixes the inherent problem in 1d20 or 1d100 systems, which is that a Peon has the same odds to crit against Garrosh as Varian Wrynn does. A Bell Curve plus factored skills says that the Peon is going to have a nearly impossible time getting up the front steps of Grommash Hold, let alone duking it out with the Kor'kron leader."

Pros of /Roll Combat with Addon Assistance------------------------------Cons of /Roll Combat with Addon Assistance
Can be more in-depth with attacks/defense--------------------------------Slower then PVP combat
Uses chance so that the fight is not one-sided-----------------------------Chance can be...chancy at who wins
Is able to account for character strength/weaknesses-------------------All participants need the addon installed

RP Combat Dice /roll Results:
9+ is easy for an unskilled person
11+ is challenging for an unskilled person
13+ is very difficult for an unskilled person
A roll of 2 or 3 is a 'fumble'
A roll of 20+ is a 'critical success

Generally speaking, "trash" is 9+ to hit, "mercs" are 11+ to hit, "lieutenants" are 13+ to hit, and "bosses" are at least 15+ to hit.

Note: These can be altered, depending on the pre-determined rules of the group.

To get the addon to work, the person rolling would type "/rproll", followed by what kind of action they are making - (m) for melee move, (r) for ranged, (s) for spell combat, (h) for healing, (l) for lore. After that, they'd give a brief summery of the action itself.

/rproll m "Sally Sue attempts to slap Mary Jo!"

Looking at the roll logs will determine the result of the action, just like in a normal /roll battle, and will end up looking something like this. We'll assume that Timmy is a ranged dps archer, and Leeroy is a skilled melee warrior, and they have already configured their RPDC addon to account for their skills. They are both shooting arrows at an oncoming monster.
Timmy types: /rproll r "Timmy shoots his arrow at the monster!"
Addon responds: Timmy makes a roll of 12 + 2 (Ranged Combat) for a total of 14 on a Ranged Combat Task for "Timmy shoots his arrow at the monster!"
Timmy emotes: Timmy brings an arrow up to his ear, knocking it on the bowstring before he pulls back and fires it at the monster running towards him!
Leeroy types: /rproll r "Leeroy shoots his arrow at the monster!"
Addon responds: Leeroy makes a roll of 8 with no modifiers for a total of 8 on a Ranged Combat Task for "Leeroy shoots his arrow at the monster!"
Leeroy emotes: Leeroy isn't the greatest archer, and his arrow misses the monster by a mile!

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I endorse this post as good method to avoid possibly 'bad' results from /roll

"And the truth is, it doesn't matter how good your character is IC, or the lore and story you've built up ... a 1 is as likely to happen as a 20, and your skills might not matter."

The best part IMO: "you can apply damage or healing as an effect of your RP battle. If you want to get really serious, there is even an option to have your wounds make success more difficult for you!" what could improve our rp experience.

Since we mix /roll with free choices, it might work. I could give this mod a try and report back later.


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