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Comprehensive Transmogrification Guide

First impressions are important. What you (or your toon, in this case) wears can say a lot about your character even before you say (or emote) anything.
Thankfully, Blizzard gave us transmogrification, so that we never have to look mismatched or out of place again when wearing our actual questing/raiding/PVP gear, without sacrificing useful bag space to carry around multiple outfits for our characters!

Below are some helpful suggestions of transmogs that will help you look more the part of a Sentinel soldier.

Please note: These are NOT REQUIRED (with the exception of the formal uniform when specified). Feel free to dress your toon how you wish!

Jump to a specific topic within this guide:
Sentinel Formal Uniform
Cloth Transmog Sets
Leather Transmog Sets
Mail Transmog Sets
Plate Transmog Sets
Weapon Transmogs

There are also quite a few other resources that you can use to outfit your character how you'd like. Many WoW sites (such as wowhead, wowroleplaygear, etc) have guides specifically for transmogrification. Another useful tool is Mogit. Mogit is an addon in-game that allows you to see all the different weapon/armor models on your character, mix and match them to make a set you'd like, and then share it with others who also have the addon installed.

Other useful links:
<Sentinel> Formal Uniform Code
Roleplaying Uniforms and Outfits - Forums
Mogit Addon -
Transmogrification Guide -

This is still a work in progress! If you have any sets you'd like to see added, feel free to add a screenshot and list each of the pieces you are using and where to find them!
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Sentinel Formal Uniform

(Required at formal ceremonies, provided by guild)

As is tradition with all military organizations, the Sentinels have a formal uniform. These uniforms identify our characters as Sentinels and symbolize their commitment to the principles and standards of the organization they serve. When in uniform, our Sentinels are meant to be seen as a united force of soldiers, not as individuals. Listed below are the formal uniform pieces, which will be provided to each Sentinel. Please pay attention to the tabard and weapon especially, as they are the only pieces of the formal uniform that may differ from one sister to another. All uniform pieces are provided by the guild.

Pictured: Enlisted Formal Uniform (Left), Officer Formal Uniform (Right)

Chest - Knitted Tunic
Hands - Knitted Gloves
Waist - Thin Cloth Belt
Legs - Haliscan Pantaloons
Feet - Simple Linen Boots
Weapon - Jambiya enchanted with [Lesser Striking] for enlisted members (Scimitar for monks), Hooked Dagger enchanted with [Mighty Spirit] for officers
Tabard - Guild Tabard (white quality) for all other enlisted members, Renowned Guild Tabard (purple quality) for officers

This formal uniform is intended to be worn by all members for the Induction Ceremony and drill practice, as well as other events when designated to do so. If you are not sure, simply inquire with an officer. Outside of these particular events, you a free to dress and equip your characters as you see fit.

A note about headgear:
Headgear is not a part of the Sentinel’s uniform, aside from the following exceptions. Antlers and other body parts that obviously cannot be removed are permitted. Head wear that allows an injured or impaired sister to perform her duties, such as a blindfold, eye patch, goggles with a medical purpose, and temporary bandages are also allowed to be worn with the uniform. There may be additional exceptions made, and those will be discussed and decided on by the officers on a case-by-case basis.

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Cloth Transmog Sets

Priestess of the Moon

Shoulders – Aurora Mantle (BoE Drop)
Chest – Mooncloth Robe (Tailoring)
Gloves – San’layn Ritualist Gloves (BoP - Prince Valanar, ICC25H)
Waist – Lingering Illness (BoP - Festergut, ICC25H)
Feet – Kurkenstoks (Quest, Azuremyst Isle)
Staff – Crescent Staff (Priest-only quest, Shadowfang Keep)


Battle Priestess (High Councillor Modification)
[Submitted by Natasta]

Runecloth Recolor - High Councillor
Head -
Shoulders - Mantle of the Panther - Quest in Northern Stranglethorn
Cloak - Regal Cloak - BoE Drop
Chest - High Councillor's Tunic - BoE Drop
Shirt - White Swashbuckler's Shirt - Tailoring
Hands - High Councillor's Gloves - BoE Drop
Waist - Gossamer Belt - BoE Drop
Legs - Darkweave Breeches - BoE Drop
Feet - High Councillor's Boots - BoE Drop

Apothecary Regalia
Head -
Shoulders - Elder Wizard's Mantle - BoE Drop
Cloak - Regal Cloak - BoE Drop
Chest - Lesser Wizard's Robe - BoE Drop
Shirt - White Swashbuckler's Shirt - Tailoring
Hands - High Councillor's Gloves - BoE Drop
Waist - Gossamer Belt - BoE Drop
Legs - Darkweave Breeches - BoE Drop
Feet - High Councillor's Boots - BoE Drop

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Leather Transmog Sets

Hippogryph Master

Shoulders – Grunt’s Pauldrons (BoE Drop)
Chest – Feathered Breastplate (Leatherworking)
Bracers – Ferocious Bands (Quest, Netherstorm)
Waist – Mighty Girdle (BoE Drop)
Legs - Warpscale Leggings (BoP - Warp Splinter, Botanica)
Feet – Riptide Shoes (BoP - Hydrospawn, Dire Maul)

Glyphed Garb

Blue (Additional BoP pieces here):
Shoulders - Glyphed Epaulets (BoE Drop)
Chest - Glyphed Breastplate (BoE Drop)
Hands - Glyphed Mitts (BoE Drop), Gauntlets of the Sea (Leatherworking)
Waist - Glyphed Belt (BoE Drop), Girdle of Insight (Leatherworking)
Legs - Glyphed Leggings (BoE Drop), Enchanted Clefthoof Leggings (Leatherworking)
Feet - Glyphed Boots (BoE Drop), Enchanted Clefthoof Boots (Leatherworking)

Green/White (Additional BoP pieces here):
Shoulders - Imperial Leather Spaulders (BoE Drop)
Chest - Imperial Leather Breastplate (BoE Drop)
Hands - Imperial Leather Gloves (BoE Drop)
Waist - Imperial Leather Belt (BoE Drop)
Legs - Imperial Leather Pants (BoE Drop)
Feet - Imperial Leather Boots (BoE Drop)

Green/Brown (Additional BoP pieces here):
Shoulders - Tracker's Shoulderpads (BoE Drop)
Chest - Tracker's Tunic (BoE Drop), Wild Leather Vest (Leatherworking)
Hands - Trackers Gloves (BoE Drop)
Waist - Tracker's Belt (BoE Drop)
Legs - Tracker's Leggings (BoE Drop), Wild Leather Leggings (Leatherworking)
Feet - Tracker's Boots (BoE Drop), Wild Leather Boots (Leatherworking)

Red (Additional BoP pieces here):
Shoulders - Swashbuckler's Shoulderpads (BoE Drop)
Chest - Swashbuckler's Brestplate (BoE Drop)
Hands - Swashbuckler's Gloves (BoE Drop)
Waist - Swashbuckler's Belt (BoE Drop)
Legs - Swashbuckler's Leggings (BoE Drop)
Feet - Swashbuckler's Boots (BoE Drop)

Gold (Additional BoP pieces here):
Shoulders - Boran's Shoulderguards (Quest, Wetlands)
Chest - Chimeric Vest (Leatherworking)
Hands - Chimeric Gloves (Leatherworking)
Waist - Hyena Hide Belt (Guard Mol'dar, Fengus, Slip'kik - Dire Maul)
Legs - Chimeric Leggings (Leatherworking)
Feet - Chimeric Boots (Leatherworking)

Sentinel Monk
[Submitted by Palandris]

Head - Grapeshot Hood (Iron Maidens, Blackrock Foundry - LFR only)
Shoulders - Defiant Spire Shoulderguard (Quest, Desolace)
Chest - Chestguard of Allegorical Shadows (Kromog, Blackrock Foundry - LFR only)
Shirt - Exodar Doublet (Broxel Goldgrasp, Icecrown Tourney Vendor)
Hands - Bat Fur Mitts (Quest, Zul'drak)
Waist - Sniper's Ammo Belt (Operator Throgar, Blackrock Foundry - LFR only)
Legs - Warmage's Legwraps (Imperator Mar'gok, Highmaul - LFR only)
Feet - Fancy Footwork (Quest, Stonetalon Mountains)
1H Fist Weapon - Brutal Gladiator's Slasher (PVP Rewards, 245honor at Legacy Vendors)

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Mail Transmog Sets

Hippogryph Master (Gryphon Mail)

Gryphon Mail (Brown/Blue)
Head - Gryphon Mail Crown (BoE Drop)
Shoulders - Gryphon Mail Pauldrons (BoE Drop)
Chest - Gryphon Mail Brestplate (BoE Drop)
Hands - Gryphon Mail Gauntlets (BoE Drop)
Waist - Gryphon Mail Belt (BoE Drop)
Legs - Gryphon Mail Legguards (BoE Drop)
Feet - Gryphon Mail Greaves (BoE Drop)

Gryphon Mail (White/Green)
Head - Bloomsprout Headpiece (Meshlok the Harvester, Rare spawn in Maraudon Purple Crystals)
Shoulders - Thick Scale Shoulderpads (BoE Drop)
Chest - Wildhthorn Mail (Blacksmithing)
Hands - Algea Fists (BoP - Blackfathom Deeps), Der'izu Fists (BoE Drop)
Waist - Der'izu Belt (BoE Drop)
Legs - Infernal Trickster Leggings (Lord Vyletongue, Maraudon Purple Crystals)
Feet - Der'izu Greaves (BoE Drop)


Burnished Mail

Head -
Shoulders -
Chest -
Hands -
Waist -
Legs -
Feet -

Head -
Shoulders -
Chest - Defender Tunic (BoE Drop)
Hands - Defender Gauntlets (BoE Drop)
Waist - Defender Girdle (BoE Drop)
Legs - Defender Leggings (BoE Drop)
Feet - Defender Boots (BoE Drop)

Head -
Shoulders - Netherstalker Mantle (BoE Drop)
Chest - Netherstalker Armor (BoE Drop), Skettis Chestpiece (BoE Drop)
Hands - Netherstalker Gloves (BoE Drop), Skettis Gauntlets (BoE Drop)
Waist - Netherstalker Belt (BoE Drop)
Legs - Netherstalker Legguards (BoE Drop), Skettis Legguards (BoE Drop)
Feet - Netherstalker Greaves (BoE Drop), Skettis Footwraps (BoE Drop)

Light Blue/Lavender
Head -
Shoulders -
Chest - Sundered Chestpiece (BoE Drop)
Hands - Sundered Gauntlets (BoE Drop)
Waist - Sundered Waistband (BoE Drop)
Legs - Sundered Legguards (BoE Drop)
Feet - Sundered Footwraps (BoE Drop)


Steadfast Mail

Steadfast Mail
Head - Steadfast Cornonet (BoE Drop)
Shoulders - Steadfast Shoulders (BoE Drop)
Chest - Steadfast Breastplate (BoE Drop)
Hands - Steadfast Gloves (BoE Drop)
Waist - Steadfast Girdle (BoE Drop)
Legs - Steadfast Legplates (BoE Drop)
Feet - Steadfast Stompers (BoE Drop)

Head -
Shoulders -
Chest -
Hands -
Waist -
Legs -
Feet -

Head -
Shoulders -
Chest -
Hands -
Waist -
Legs -
Feet -

Head -
Shoulders -
Chest -
Hands -
Waist -
Legs -
Feet -

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Plate Transmog Sets

Night Elf Sentinel

Please Note - Mixed Set!: Some of these pieces are not plate, so it cannot be used as a transmog on your actual gear!
Head – Ancient Crown (BoE drop)
Shoulders – Impenetrable Pauldrons (BoE drop)
Chest – Field Plate Armor (BoE drop)
Gloves – Nethersteel Gauntlets (BoP - Speaker Mar’grom, a rare-spawn in Blade’s Edge Mountains)
Waist – Netherfury Belt (Leatherworking)
Legs – Scaled Greaves of Patience (BoP - Captain Skarloc, Old Hillsbrad Foothills)
Feet – Abyssal Mail Greaves (BoE - Kraator, a rare-spawn in Shadowmoon Valley)
Main-Hand Fist Weapon – Fist of the Deity (BoP – Moorabi, Heroic Gundrak)


Doomplate Battlegear

Head - Doomplate Warhelm (Epoch Hunter, Old Hillsbrad Foothills)
Shoulders - Doomplate Shoulderguards (The Black Stalker, The Underbog)
Chest - Doomplate Chestguard (Harbringer Skyriss, Arcatraz)
Gloves - Doomplate Gauntlets (Keli'dan the Breaker, Blood Furnace)
Waist - Deathforge Girdle (Talon King Ikiss, Sethekk Halls)
Legs - Doomplate Legguards (Exarch Maladaar, Auchenai Crypts)
Feet - Sunstrider Warboots (Kael'thas Sunstrider, Magister's Terrace)


Oathsworn Battleplate

Please note: Warrior only, requires salvage yard or boosted toon
Chest - Oathsworn Breastplate (BoP Salvage Yard)
Shoulders - Oathsworn Pauldrons (BoP Salvage Yard)
Hands - Oathsworn Gauntlets (BoP Salvage Yard)
Waist - Oathsworn Girdle (BoP Salvage Yard)
Legs - Oathsworn Legplates (BoP Salvage Yard)
Feet - Oathsworn Sabatons (BoP Salvage Yard)

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1H Weapon Transmogs


1H Swords

1H Maces

1H Axes

Fist Weapons

2H Weapon Transmogs

2H Swords

2H Maces

2H Axes



Ranged Weapon Transmogs





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Reserved for other things!
#10984206 Apr 27, 2015 at 01:21 PM · Edited 7 years ago
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Great work Alesune! I like them, for years I tried to make a Sentinel looking leather set, it's very tricky.

This set though: has some potential.

I'd maybe swap a couple of the pieces around since those shoulders are a bit big, for my taste at least.

I will go ahead and try to make it work on mogit, I will post the links to the finished set once I'm done!

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#11424796 Aug 18, 2015 at 07:53 PM
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It would be nice to see more members wearing Sentinel-style outfits while on duty. *nudge* *nudge* *hint* *hint*

Also, if your character is on duty, she should be wearing her tabard.
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#11424916 Aug 18, 2015 at 09:12 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
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*is currently working on 30 different sentinel mail armor sets.*

Edit: Went from 30 to 7 sets. Here are the 3 I liked the most. All three of these sets are exclusively mail pieces.

Helm: Steadfast Coronet (BoE Drop)
Shoulders: Jazeraint Pauldrons (BoE Drop)
Chest: Knight's Breastplate (BoE Drop)
Gloves: Gauntlets of Serpant Scales (Anomalus, The Nexus, Normal)
Belt: Belt of Meditative Focus (Follower Mission, BoP)
Legs: Scaled Greaves of Patience (Captain Skarloc, Old Hillsbrad, Normal)
Feet: Wildfire Worldwalkers (Feng the Accursed, Mogu'shan Vaults, Raid Finder)

Helm: Formidable Circlet (BoE)
Shoulders: Formidable Shoulder Pads (BoE)
Chest: Formidable Chestpiece (BoE)
Gloves: Formidable Gauntlets (BoE)
Wrists: Formidable Bracers (BoE)
Belt: Formidable Belt (BoE)
Legs: Formidable Legguards (BoE)
Feet: Formidable Sabatons (BoE)

Helm: Gryphon Mail Crown (BoE)
Shoulders: Gryphon Mail Pauldrons (Boe)
Chest: Moss-Woven Mailshirt (Brackenspore, Highmaul, Normal)
Gloves: Mojo-Mender's Gloves (Timed Reward, Zul'Aman, Heroic)
Belt: Belt of Ardent Marksman (Vendor, Dalaran)
Legs: Leggings of Broken Magic (Ko'ragh, Highmaul, Normal)
Feet: Streamtalker Boots (Any Follower Mission, Big Crate of Salvage, BoP)
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