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#13766181 May 09, 2018 at 01:02 PM
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The Sentinels again undertake a mission for the Emerald Circle. This time, they endeavor to disrupt a goblin mining and lumbering operation that has taken hold in northern Felwood. Taking a circuitous route through the wilderness, they begin by disabling two mechanical harvesters working near the main camp.

The Sentinels launch a surprise attack on the goblin encampment, sweeping away most of the workers, despite one green-skin using a mining machine as a weapon.

A room full of explosives. The Sentinels use goblin technology against them to destroy many of the camp's buildings and sow confusion and panic.

Continuing their assault through the goblin camp.

In retaliation for the Sentinel attack, the goblin overseer begins driving the massive harvester southwards towards Whisperwind Grove. Again using the goblins' own technology against them, the Sentinels launch a rocket towards the machine, disabling it before it can cause any damage.

Taking the goblin overseer prisoner.
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The Sentinels venture into the crumbling ruins of a Night Elf temple in search of a lost druidess of the Emerald Circle.

Near a forgotten shrine, they find Tender Puregrove and a Circle patrol previously sent to find her. She seems to have inadvertently uncovered an ancient highborne relic, and has been feeding souls to it. Her mind held under the sway of the artifact, the druidess seems to think Elune herself demands these sacrifices, and it will somehow aid in purifying Felwood...

The Sentinels engage, and after a fierce battle, manage to defeat Tender Puregrove without killing her. They shatter the artifact, and bring the lost druidess back to Whisperwind Grove for recovery.
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The Sentinels are given their most difficult task yet in Felwood: protect the druids of the Emerald Circle while they perform a restoration ritual upon three ancient guardians in Irontree Woods.

For extra firepower, Commander Wintershade orders a glaive thrower brought along on their mission.

At first all goes well as the druids summon forth dozens of nature spirits and the area slowly begins to show signs of regrowth. But soon, something emerges from the gloom....

Hundreds of fel imps swarm out of the surrounding woods towards the druids, and soon the Sentinels are involved in a desperate battle to hold back the evil tide.

Surrounded on all sides and heavily outnumbered by scores of imps, the Sentinels and their allies fight a desperate battle. They manage to hold their ground long enough, though. Just when all seems lost, the three Ancients blossom back to life and turn the tide of battle, crushing and flinging the demons in all directions.

During the battle, the distant shape of a satyr can be seen observing the battle. Was he the one behind this attack?

Regrouping after the battle and tending to the wounded.
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Following information sent by Outrunner Moonblade, the Sentinels once again venture into the Jaedenar ruins; this time in search of the satyr Dreadhollow.

Despite the Sentinels' best efforts, the dark depths of Shadow Hold have long been a refuge for all kinds of evil beings and dark rites.

Venturing further into the depths...

Here they find two succubi 'sisters' preparing to torture the captured Outrunner Moonblade, who lies unconscious on a gruesome altar.

The Sentinels engage the two demons, who are finally defeated after a fierce battle.

Recovering the Outrunner and tending to the wounded.
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