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#14348482 Apr 27, 2020 at 05:14 AM

I was wondering if you guys take newbies. I have been playing wow for like ever and just recently return. I would like to do more than just raiding and thought of givng RP a try just don't know how to get started. I came across your guild recruitment post in WrA forums and I want to jump in right away but then realize I have no idea where or how to start, not to mention, I played horde most of my wow life and even then I did not RP. I apologize I am a bit shy and I tend to speak a lot, anyhoot. I am in need of help, I would like to learn to RP and being a Navy Veteran a military guild is perfect setting for me.

After reading the resources from your webise I have decided that I would like to play a young night elf Balance druid with a heart of a warrior, she wishes to be part of the sentinels that are fighting in front lines instead of the emerald dream. She believe that in order to become stronger she must gain experience and in order to do that she looks up to those who protect her people and wishes to join the sentinels but does not know how. idk if that makes sense i just need some guidence.

thank you for your time any help will be appreciated