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Curious what you should have packed as a Sentinel? Here's a handy list of what your character should be packing when going out into long field mission and/or our annual Trek.

I cannot take credit for this as my husband made this list back when he was with the guild, so thanks to him for such a comprehensive list!

  • Dress uniform x2
  • Duty uniform/Armor x2
  • Rain cloak, poncho, or jacket. - Our cloaks covers this, but carry an extra just in case
  • Main weapon (and sheath if applicable).
  • Secondary weapon (and sheath if applicable).
  • Utility dagger and sheath.
  • Skinning knife and sheath.
  • Small Hatchet.
  • Firestarter kit (with flint and steel)
  • Water skin x2 at least
  • Small notebook and pencil
  • 6 days worth of Sentinel field rations.
  • Several days worth of saber and/or hippogriff rations just in case hunting is not advised
  • 3 days of emergency field rations.
  • Fishing kit with hooks, line and sinkers
  • Repair kit with needles, thread, honing stone, leather oil, etc. for fixing tack and armor
  • Steel pot.
  • Sentinel tent
  • Sentinel bedroll
  • Wool blanket.
  • Basic Liferoot first aid kit. (Go to Iyora for those)
  • Saber care kit - has salves, ointments, brushes and other things to take care of your saber
  • Hippogriff care kit - same but for your Hippogriff
  • Folding shovel
  • ROPE! Both hemp and silk if possible

This is just a basic list of what you should bring. Of course you can add to it if you and your saber doesn't mind lugging it around. Always be prepared so you can prove a certain infamous demon hunter wrong!
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