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Just to have it all in one spot. Loving this website! :) Good work Keri and the rest. <3

Here are a few common Darnassian phrases and words, for which the translations have been officially confirmed by Blizzard:

"An'da!" = "Papa!" (A nick name for a father)
"Ande'thoras-ethil." = "May your troubles be diminished."(A farewell.)
"Andu-falah-dor!" = "Let balance be restored!" (A war cry.)
"Ash Karath!" = "Do it!"
"Bandu Thoribas! = "Prepare to fight!" (A challenge to an enemy.)
"Ellemayne" = "Reaver"
"Elune-Adore." = "Elune be with you." (A greeting.)
"Fandu-dath-belore?" = "Who goes there?
"Ishnu-alah." = "Good fortune to you" (A greeting.)
"Ishnu-dal-dieb." = "Good fortune to your family." (A greeting.)
"Jai'altor" = "Noble blade of Elune"
"Shalla'tor" = "Shadow Render"
"Shan'do" = "Honored Teacher" (A title and term of respect.)
"Thero'shan" = "Honored student" (A title and term of respect.)
"Tor ilisar'thera'nal!" = "Let our enemies beware!" (A war cry.)
"Kaldorei" = "children of the stars", "people of the stars". (Starborne, night elves).
"Nordrassil" = "crown of the heavens"
"Quel'dorei" = "children of noble birth" ("Highborne", "High-borne", "high elves").
"Sunstrider" = "he who walks the day"
"Teldrassil" = "crown of the earth"
"Xaxas" = A short title with many meanings, all dire. "Chaos, "fury", "The embodiment of elemental rage, such as found in erupting volcanos or shattering earthquakes", "elemental fury", "catastrophe". Often used to refer to the black dragon Aspect, Deathwing.
"Zin-Azshari" = "The glory of Azshara"
"Mandala(s)" = "Ancient(s)"

Here are some words and phrases that have been translated by devoted fans but are -not- confirmed by Blizzard:


Ana /Anu = For
Bantallas = Primitive
Dalah = My/ Mine
Delar = Ancient Keepers
Dor / Dora =Truth / is / our
Dorei = Borne / Borne of / Child
Falore = Sister
Fanass = Indeed
Illisar = Enemies
Ishnu = Luck
Izsera = Green
Kal = Star
Lok = Stave
Mush'a = Hunter
Nal = Feel/ Know
Nor =Sky/ Heavens
Rhok= Longbow
Serrar = Blade
Shan = Learn / Teach
Sin = Blood
Talah = Survival
Thalas = Kingdom
Thera = Revenge/ War
Tor = Let
Zaram = Blade
Zin= Glory


Ande'thoras'ethil = May your troubles be diminshed
Ana'duna Thera = Revenge will be ours
Andu'falah'do! = Let balance be restored!
Anu'dorini talah = For nature's survival
Bandu Thoribas! = Prepare to fight!
Endu'di Rifa = Kill the Defilers
Thor falaha nor dora= No direct translation but is a druid only war cry.
Tor ilisar'thera'nal! = Let our enemies beware!
Alah darnana dor = Formal Greeting
Ishnu'alah = Good fortune to you.
Ishnu'dal'dieb = Good fortune to your family.
Anu'dora = Yes/ It's true.
Ashra thoraman? = What is it?
Fandu'dath'belore? = Who goes there?
Ana'duna falore, iszera duna bantallas = Yes sister, the green(skins) are primitive.
Ana'tole na Dure = I will do it for nature ( Druids pledge of agreement )
Ash Karath! = Do it!
Ashta'rodne = Very ugly
Ba'anthalso-dorei = Suggested to be 'Sea Borne' or Naga
Sael'ah = You're welcome
Anu'dora = I understand
Asha'falah = Goodbye
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I'll use these phrases often! Thank you, Uewir!
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