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I couldn't fill this out completely, because I'm still getting to know Ciunas. Here's what I have so far, though!

Name: Ciunas Stormshadow
Your Character Introduces Self As: Ciunas
Age: middle-aged
Physical Age: over 400
Hair Color: moss green
Eye Color: silver
Skin Color: pale violet
Tattoos (if any): intricately detailed leaves around her eyes
Height: a few inches shy of 7 feet
Weight: lean-muscled, athletic build

Place of residence: Darnassus
Place of Birth: Ashenvale
Known Relatives: (work in progress)
Known Friends: (work in progress)
Romantic Interests: Ciunas is currently single. Though she is unashamedly a lesbian, she is not one to broadcast that fact, as she really doesn’t believe it’s anyone’s business.
Religion/Philosophy: Elune
Occupation: Ciunas is a druid lending aid to the Sentinels. (I’ll have more to add here once I’ve decided on her final professions.)

Weapons of choice: staff or dagger
Hobbies: writing and sketching
Special Abilities: none
Positive Personality Traits: Ciunas is patient, open-minded and does not fear change.
Negative Personality Traits: She is stubborn, can be a bit hard on herself and has been known to act impulsively when she allows emotion to overcome discipline.
Misc. Quirks: (work in progress)

Favorite Food: She loves fruit and has developed a taste for some of the sweet man-made treats she encountered during her stay in the Eastern Kingdom.
Favorite Drink: Ciunas couldn’t possibly be more plain here. Just give her water.
Favorite Spot: the lake in the hills to the southeast of Darnassus
Favorite Animal: her owl, Oíche

Least Favorite Food: meat of any kind
Least Favorite Drink: alcoholic beverages
Least Favorite Spot: any of the hot, arid zones
Least Favorite Animal: anything manipulated from its natural state by man or magic

RP Class: Ciunas is RPed as a Druid. My thinking is that, before beginning her training as a Druid, she was a Priestess. I have to let this idea tumble around in my head for a little longer before I know for sure.)
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Felarios actually does exist in game... I created him literally the day before um S*** hit the fan in my life. I intend to lvl him after Kimmike is 85 and on her way to being geared. He's also part of Lara's story and an eventual love interest (though it'll take me forever to get to that part.)

Name: Felarios Windcatcher
Your Character Introduces Self As:Felarios
Age: 3,526
Physical Age: Ageless looks anywhere from 25-40
Hair Color: Black (In game I'm sadly stuck with really dark blue -_-)
Eye Color: Silver
Skin Color: Purple
Tattoos (if any): none
Height: Tall
Weight: Idk ask him

Place of residence: He's only just awoken from the Emerald Dream. As such he lives within Moonglade but may be leaving soon.
Place of Birth: He has not said. Lara'Faye believes it was Astraanar however.
Known Relatives: Felarios's father: Elonos Windcatcher is a druid who died during the third war. He knows nothing of his Mother.
Known Friends: Nariss Longelm, Anasari Longelm, Nahato Skyclasher, Kimmike Magtinke (Well at least soon)
Romantic Interests: Lara'Faye Moonrider. He thinks she is strong, fierce, intelligent, and amusing. He views her as a bit of a challenge but also a friend.
Religion/Philosophy: He is a Night Elf so obviously Elune, as a druid he also follows the teachings of Cenarius Felarios heavily reveres Ursol and Ursoc
Occupation: Well he recently got a job as a courtesan at the Moonguard Goldshire... Wait what?

Weapons of choice: Polearm
Hobbies: Skydiving, well throwing Lara off cliffs anyway.
Special Abilities: The normal abilities of a druid. Felarios is very adapt at shapeshifting and can shift specific body parts into animal parts. (Give himself the eyes of a falcon or the claws of a leopard for example.
Positive Personality Traits: Outgoing, good sense of humor, brave, fairly noble.
Negative Personality Traits: Felarios can be a bit forgetful, He once struggled with thinking outside of the box and tends to stick to his own beliefs without listening or considering to others opinions
Misc. Quirks: Despite his skill in shapeshifting and his time spent in the dream, Felarios seems to be less attuned with the more spiritual aspects of druidic combat and beliefs. Lara far surpasses him in these areas making him, in druidic ways, her opposite.

Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite Drink: He recently tried Dwarven ale... He found he loved it.
Favorite Spot: A beautiful clearing in Ashenvale. He has not revealed its exact location.
Favorite Animal: Bear

Least Favorite Food: n/a
Least Favorite Drink: eh
Least Favorite Spot: Anywhere in Felwood
Least Favorite Animal: none
RP Class: Druid of the Claw
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Name: Argas Moonseer (goes by "Moonknyght", a name given to him by the other races)
Your Character Introduces Self As: Argas or Argas Moonknyght
Age: 12,000yrs old
Physical Age: Looks like he is in his 20's or 30's
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Amber
Skin Color: Dark Violet
Physical Features: Taller than your average Kaldorei male as he is a towering 8'0"ft tall. Very muscular, with broad chests and shoulders. Was blind and had to were a blindfold. That will come back soon...
Tattoos (if any): None
Place of residence: Moonglade
Place of Birth: Zin-Azshari
Known Relatives: Nalar Moonseer (Twin brother), Tanavar Moonseer (Younger brother), Uriwen Moonrage (Wife), Natalah Moonseer (Eldest Daughter), Lorria Moonseer (Youngest daughter)
Known Friends: Thane Dimlight (Priest of the Temple, oldest friend and Guild Master of Against All Odds, Galani Moonbreeze (Signifcant other to Thane, a Beastmaster), Kerielle Feathermoon (Commander of the Sentinels), Mical Gellfoot (Gnome mage and close friend. Kinda of a big deal)
Romantic Interests: Currently none. He's not really pursuing either
Occupation: Shan'do of the Sentinels and younger members of the Cenarion Circle.
Weapons of choice: Staff or polearm
Hobbies: Meditation
Special Abilities: Everything a druid can do.
Positive Personality Traits: Wise and Humble
Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn. A bit of a loner.
Misc. Quirks:

Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink: Moonberry Juice
Favorite Spot: Lake Elune'ara
Favorite Animal: Owls and his pet Dragon

RP Class: Shan'do
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*randomly returns for a moment* Hey! I added the "eye color" part of the character sheet because, even though in game only male night elves have gold eyes, at least in lore anyone could have gold, or amber, eyes. So if someone's character did, well, that would be significant, yeah? =) *randomly leaves*
This is Kim IC.
This is Celysa IC.
This is Arays IC.


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Name: Keripracy Titan
Character introduces self as: 'pracy
Age: Late first century
Physical Age: Early 30s
Hair Color: Crimson
Eye Color: Emerald Green (sometimes olive)
Skin Color: Pale
Physical Features: Short and skinny. Almost sickly. A somewhat harsh, 'don't give me any shit' air about her. Ear piercings with large gold hoop earrings.
Tattoos (if any):

Place of residence: Silvermoon City
Place of Birth: Windrunner Village
Known Relatives: None
Known Friends: Several including Lian Manaheart and Lane Pathy
Romantic Interests: Nothing serious
Religion/Philosophy: Wants to follow the Light, but struggles due to her demonic taint.
Occupation: Seamstress

Weapons of choice: She carries a torch
Hobbies: Smoking shisha, designing clothing - robes especially
Special Abilities: Can understand Eredun, although, doesn't speak it by choice. Can firewalk, can touch a read souls
Positive Personality Traits: Kind, gentle
Negative Personality Traits: Unable to deeply love, lacks loyalty - although not really by choice
Misc. Quirks: Goes almost everywhere barefoot, is sensitive to the Light

Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink: Bourbon
Favorite Spot: The coast
Favorite Animal: Her cat, Ebony

Least Favorite Food:
Least Favorite Drink:
Least Favorite Spot: Northrend, Undercity
Least Favorite Animal:

RP Class: "Seamstress"

I posted because I'm working on her blog:
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I'm ashamed to say that I read that over for a full 2 minutes before it registered that Keripracy is a blood elf.
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#5972091 Jenna Seabrooke wrote:

I'm ashamed to say that I read that over for a full 2 minutes before it registered that Keripracy is a blood elf.

LMAO @ Lara!!

Dude you're awesome!
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Funnily enough, although I have been a dedicated Alliance player my whole WoW life - my toons with the most developed backstories are my horde ones.
Both of them had a large amount of forum RP when I was on Blackwater Raiders, and I've recently started RPing with someone horde side who writes a blog for their character.
I have a bit of catching up to do, but I'm getting one going for Kerielle too.

Find the thread here
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(This one is for my warrior in the guild)

Name: Lorria Moonseer
Your Character Introduces Self As: Lorria
Age: 120yrs
Physical Age: 30yrs
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Silver
Skin Color: Light pink
Physical Features:
Tattoos (if any):

Place of residence: Darnassus
Place of Birth: Moonglade
Known Relatives: Argas Moonseer (a.k.a. Monnknyght) (Father), Uriwen Moonrage (Mother), Natalah Moonseer (Older Sister), Nalar Moonseer (Uncle)
Known Friends: Doesn't have many. But the following sister's of Sentinel are ok in her book: Ciunas, Arejanna
Romantic Interests: Eclipse
Religion/Philosophy: Not a big believer of Elune.
Occupation: Sentinel (Recruit)

Weapons of choice: Two, two-handed axe's (One held on each hand)
Hobbies: Training
Special Abilities:
Positive Personality Traits: Very tenacious
Negative Personality Traits: VERY Stuborn
Misc. Quirks: Quick temper

RP Class: Warrior recruit of Sentinel
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Name: Felistrae Hunvirr
Your Character Introduces Self As: Felistrae
Age: A little under 10,000
Physical Age: Mid 30's
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Silvery-blue
Skin Color: Pink
Physical Features:
Tattoos (if any):
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 192 lbs

Place of residence: Currently Darnassus, but changes often
Place of Birth: Moonglade
Known Relatives: Amaleth Amarkiir (Mate - deceased)
Known Friends: Maysha Darkwind
Romantic Interests: None at this time
Religion/Philosophy: Felistrae holds closely with the teachings of Malorne
Occupation: Leatherworker

Weapons of choice: Stave
Hobbies: People watching
Special Abilities:
Positive Personality Traits: Very loyal
Negative Personality Traits: Can be stubborn
Misc. Quirks: Has a strong distrust of Elune, and depending on the day, will sometimes have a physical reaction simply to the name.

Favorite Food: Tel'abim bananas
Favorite Drink: Moonbery juice
Favorite Spot: The Shrine of Aessina
Favorite Animal:

Least Favorite Food: Anything too overprocessed
Least Favorite Drink: Same as least favorite food
Least Favorite Spot: The temple of Elune
Least Favorite Animal:

RP Class: Outrunner
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ZOMG - Moon! Natalah sounds like she was named after her Uncle Nalar! ^_^ Yay!
Lorethia - sweet, overly caring, and a touch naive. As The light of the Moon shines equally on all, so does Elune's love, and I, a messenger of that love.

Natalah Moonseer - A previous Commander of a mix raced unit; she has adapted customs from other races. I have had glory in battle; now I must find peace in my mind.
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Name: Maelyr Barkmantle
Your Character Introduces Self As: Druid of the Claw Maelyr Barkmantle
Age: 2200 something
Physical Age: 26
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Silver
Skin Color: Pale opaque
Physical Features: Tall and slender
Tattoos (if any): none
Height: 6'7
Weight: 185

Place of residence: Darnassus
Place of Birth: Astranaar
Known Relatives: None that I can remember
Known Friends: Priestess Healla and Holylight
Romantic Interests: none at the moment
Religion/Philosophy: Following the great Bear spirit Ursol
Occupation: Alchemist/ Forest Watcher
Weapons of choice: Stave/Polearm
Hobbies: Getting lost in the wilds
Special Abilities: Any Shapeshifting
Positive Personality Traits: Helpful/loyal
Negative Personality Traits: Anger issues, hot tempered if not watched carefully. If provoked Could shapeshift back into a Druid of the Flame.
Misc. Quirks:

Favorite Food: Dont know I havent tried enough to decide
Favorite Drink: Moonberry
Favorite Spot: Moonglade
Favorite Animal: The Bear

Least Favorite Food: Anything Dwarven
Least Favorite Drink: Again... anything Dwarven
Least Favorite Spot: Ironforge/every district of Stormwind except the Magic Quarter.
Least Favorite Animal: I love all animals

RP Class: Druid of the Claw, Guardian of Cenarius
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Ooh, I love these.

Name: Keilya Nightwing
Your Character Introduces Self As: Warden Nightwing
Age: 474
Physical Age: Around 23 by our standards
Hair Color: Dark blue, nearly black
Eye Color: She was born with silver eyes, but they've turned golden with age
Skin Color: Pale pink
Physical Features: Slender, almost masculine build, but muscular
Tattoos (if any): Owl tattoo (may retcon for the tattooing ceremony, always up for suggestions)
Height: 7'2"
Weight: Rude! (I haven't actually got a number for this, but she should be pretty heavy as she's very strong)

Place of residence: Nighthaven, though she's stationed on Mount Hyjal
Place of Birth: Somewhere deep in Ashenvale forest, near where Felwood currently is
Known Relatives: Tyrnas Stormblade (father, was last in the Emerald Dream, location and status unknown), Isis Nightwing (mother, deceased), Xaron Nightwing (twin brother, deceased), Khestra Skygleam (foster mother, MIA)
Known Friends: Aside from acquaintances in Nighthaven, none for the moment. Most of her friends were lost in the Cataclysm.
Romantic Interests: None recently. She's a lesbian, which she'll tell you if it comes up, but she's not exactly leading Azeroth's first gay pride parade. Actually, that sounds like a really fun event.
Religion/Philosophy: Elune/Malorne/Cenarius/assorted demigods, though she has an affinity with Aviana.
Occupation: Druid of the Wild, am planning for her to become a Druid of the Talon in the near future.

Weapons of choice: The elemental forces of nature, the staff her brother made her when she was named a full Druid of the Cenarion Circle
Hobbies: Reading, travelling, flying, meditating, learning other languages, playing music
Special Abilities: She has a talent for flight and music, which makes learning languages easy
Positive Personality Traits: Honest, loyal, intelligent, independent, protective
Negative Personality Traits: Very intense, snarky, extremely stubborn, unyielding, unable to admit when she's wrong
Misc. Quirks: Hates wearing dresses or robes to the point where she spent a week re-tailoring a novice druid's robe to make it a shirt and a pair of trousers. Almost always goes barefoot - if she's wearing shoes it's an incredibly special occasion.

Favorite Food: Tundra berries
Favorite Drink: Moonberry juice
Favorite Spot: Lake Elune'ara
Favorite Animal: Impossible to choose

Least Favorite Food: Cheese
Least Favorite Drink: Seal whey (even the memory of it is enough to make her gag)
Least Favorite Spot: Indoors
Least Favorite Animal: Demonically-influenced animals like core hounds, although she doesn't consider them animals

RP Class: Druid of the Wild (for now)
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Oh. How fun.

Name: Lurinda Thistleclaw
Your Character Introduces Self As: Lurinda
Age: Roughly 15,000 years of age, give or take a few hundred.
Physical Age: Late 30s
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Icey blue
Skin Color: Light pink
Physical Features: Feral looking eyes. Almost cat like. And longer like fangs. (The only two that really stand out from anything else.)
Tattoos (if any): Claw marks down each of her eyes. Purple.

Place of residence: Teldrassil
Place of Birth: Undetermined.
Known Relatives: None
Known Friends: Tiadaris Oakensteel, Alieca Wind-Dancer, and Aeraniel Shadowmantle. (Tia, who she raised for a short period of time)
Romantic Interests: None
Religion/Philosophy: Lightly worships Elune
Occupation: Shan'do, Healer, and Feral warrior. (If you'd call it that.)

Weapons of choice: Claws and teeth!
Hobbies: Lounching on top of the temple on a sunny day in her cat form. Lazy cat.
Special Abilities: The ability to shift from form to form comes easily to her, and when she does, his size seems to double for some reason. (*Cough* Growth potions)
Positive Personality Traits: Often king, thoughtful, protective, and wise.
Negative Personality Traits: Skeptical of younger generations, she can be rather blunt with her words, and sometimes distrusting towards most everyone.
Misc. Quirks: She wears a tight white furred suit of leather to go with the color of her hair, and her cat form. She doesn't spend time on looking pretty!

Favorite Food: ...Meat.
Favorite Drink: Water.
Favorite Spot: On top of the Temple in Darnassus, and on the large bridge.
Favorite Animal: Large family cats.

Least Favorite Food: There isn't one! She prety much eats anything.
Least Favorite Drink: Alcohol.
Least Favorite Spot: In water.
Least Favorite Animal: Bears.
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Meant to do this a while ago, haha

Name: Angelique Aladoria
Your Character Introduces Self As: Aladoria
Age: Unknown
Physical Age: Late 20s
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: White
Skin Color: Snow white.
Physical Features: A rare albino night elf, her skin is as white as snow and her eyes some say possess the light of elune, they are so bright.
Tattoos (if any): Claw marks down each of her eyes. Purple.

Place of residence: Darnassus.
Place of Birth: Unknown.
Known Relatives: Unknown.
Known Friends: She doesn't know people enough to consider them friends.
Romantic Interests: One.
Religion/Philosophy: Priestess of Elune.
Occupation: Priestess and healer. Outrunner of Sentinel.

Weapons of choice: Prefer's not to fight, however will use the power of Elune when forced.
Hobbies: When she is off duty, she roams to lands.
Special Abilities: The ability to resurect to dead as long as they have not been dead very long, and heal with a touch.
Positive Personality Traits: Kind, fair and generous. Won't think bad of a person unless witnessing a reason to.
Negative Personality Traits: Can be very blunt, at times very shy and reluctant to initiate conversation.
Misc. Quirks:
- In her free time she will often sit and play her hand made, miniature harp.
- Rarely will Aladoria raise her voice, but if she does people tend to listen because it's uncommon to happen and when it does serves a great purpose.
- She suffer's from amnesia. Her life before becoming a Priestess is unknown to her. The only part of her past she has is a sword with her name on it, the last name too scratched to make out. Sometimes, she will wander in search and hopes to come across someone who recognizes her.

Favorite Food: Moonberry.
Favorite Drink: Moonberry Juice.
Favorite Spot: On the rocks between the docks just outside of Darnassus.
Favorite Animal: Winterspring cub.

Least Favorite Food: Most meats.
Least Favorite Drink: Alcohol.
Least Favorite Spot: Any graveyard.
Least Favorite Animal: Spider.

( Update : She just found out a while ago her first name )
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Name: Anatheilia Starglaive
Your Character Introduces Self As: Recruit Starglaive.
Age: Older adult.
Physical Age: Mid to late 30s.
Hair Color: Blue-Black.
Eye Color: Pale Silvery-Blue.
Skin Color: Pale Pink.
Physical Features: She is slender, athletic, and well-toned. She has many scars of varying size and severity all over her body.
Tattoos (if any): "Blades" Mandalas on her face.
Height: A little shorter than average, I'd say 6'8".
Weight: Average.

Place of residence: Feralas, when she doesn't have business in Darnassus or with the Sentinels.
Place of Birth: Nighthaven in Moonglade, though both her parents are from Winterspring.
Known Relatives: N/A
Known Friends: N/A
Romantic Interests: N/A
Religion/Philosophy: Worships Elune and the Ancients, and can be rather pious in her faith at times.
Occupation: Blacksmith and Armorer.

Weapons of choice: Glaive, bow.
Special Abilities: She has developed her own fighting style, which she has dubbed "blade-dancing."
Positive Personality Traits: Trustworthy, Loyal, model soldier.
Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, still a bit xenophobic and quite old-fashioned. Blunt sometimes to the point of being considered rude.

Favorite Food: Any traditional Kaldorei dish.
Favorite Drink: Fresh water, red wine.
Favorite Spot: Feralas
Favorite Animal: She loves all animals.

Least Favorite Food: Anything made by humans or dwarves.
Least Favorite Drink: Any brewed by humans or dwarves.
Least Favorite Spot: Winterspring. Since she's used to Feralas, she can no longer stand the cold.
Least Favorite Animal: Probably scourged or demonic-tainted creatures, since she sees them as unnatural. She considers killing them to be an act of mercy.

RP Class: Sentinel, Priestess, Windwarrior.
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Name: Talindrah Starshine
Your Character Introduces Self As: Talinrah
Physical Age:Late teens
Hair Color:Jade
Eye Color:Ghostly White
Skin Color:Pale Peach
Physical Features: Short and some what scrawny. Long hair always pulled back.
Tattoos (if any):N/A
Height: Short
Weight: skinny

Place of residence: Darnassus
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: None :(
Known Friends: She considers Aera her friend.
Romantic Interests: Too young
Religion/Philosophy: Agnostic IC mostly.
Occupation: She crafts potions but makes no claim to occupation.

Weapons of choice: Weapons :(
Hobbies: picking flowers and fishing
Special Abilities: Uses nature to aid the wounded
Positive Personality Traits: Sweet and trustworthy
Negative Personality Traits: Nervous and shy.
Misc. Quirks: She asks a lot of questions at times.

Favorite Food:Golden Fish Sticks
Favorite Drink:Iced Berry Slush uncommon Morning Glory Dew common
Favorite Spot:There's a place in Ashenvale she loves. Its by the ruins of stardust. Also a spot in Nagrand.
Favorite Animal:Kitty!

Least Favorite Food: Any breads
Least Favorite Drink:Ale
Least Favorite Spot:Ruins of Auberdine :(
Least Favorite Animal:N/A

RP Class:Field Medic in Training
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Name:Moonfanaria Stormrider
Your Character Introduces Self As: Watcher Stormrider
Physical Age: Late 20s
Hair Color: Green-Aquaish
Eye Color: Amber (Showing her Drudic Blood Lines)
Skin Color: Pale Peach
Physical Features: A Ragged Scar begins under her left eye, and runs down to the middle of her neck. Two Pieces of her right ear are missing, and has another scar that wraps around her neck completely.
Tattoos (if any): None yet
Height: 7'8"
Weight: Muscular

Place of residence: Darnassus with her soon-to-be mate
Place of Birth: Ashenvale Forest
Known Relatives:Nightshaula Shademist (Cousin) Melawind Darkrider (Sister ((Twice-born)) )
Known Friends: Alieca Wind-Dancer, Lurinda Thistleclaw, Aeraniel Wind-Dancer, Elaindria Firesong, Xeqwena Eversea. And all the other Sentinels in her cadre
Romantic Interests: Tiadaris Oakensteel
Religion/Philosophy:Believes deeply in Elune, Cenaruis, and Malorne
Occupation: Sentinel Watcher

Weapons of choice:Polearm or her own claw/nature magic
Hobbies:She loves to swim, though rarely gets the chance to, and teaching
Special Abilities: Due to the long line of Druids in her family before her, Druidic Magic comes easily to her in all the aspects.
Positive Personality Traits: Caring, Loving, and Easy to talk to
Negative Personality Traits:Easy to anger/hurt, takes things to heart.
Misc. Quirks: She usually sleeps in her cat form, Purrs when excited or nervous, has a habit of staring at her feet when being talked to/hates eye contact

Favorite Food: MEAT!
Favorite Drink:Wine, and Moonberry Juice
Favorite Spot: Anywhere in Ashenvale
Favorite Animal:All Animals she has trained nearly every one

Least Favorite Food: Fruits and Vegetables
Least Favorite Drink:Water or Milk
Least Favorite Spot:Ironforge/Stormwind (They Stink)
Least Favorite Animal:None

RP Class:Senintel-Watcher
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I can't really imagine Aeraniel acting "childlike." :p

But I suppose Adellwyna only ever sees her professional side.
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(Hope it's not jumping the gun for me to post this on the day I get recruited)

Name: Auriainda Silverfaen
Introduces Self As: Sentinel-Recruit Silverfaen (on-duty, addressing non-Sentinel); Recruit Silverfaen (on-duty, addressing another Sentinel); Auriainda (she corrects others to her full first name; “Auri” is reserved for trusted companions only)
Age: 627
Physical Age: Late 20‘s
Hair Color: Shock White
Eye Color: Silver
Skin Color: Light Purple
Physical Features: Navel piercing (a small, silver chain); Occasional body freckle
Tattoos (if any): (Not yet)
Height: Tall
Weight: A slender, but athletic build with the most noticeable toning to her arms

Place of residence: Darnassus
Place of Birth: Ashenvale
Known Relatives: Her mother and father reside in Astranaar.
Known Friends: Farseer Aevenix of the Exodar, a draenei shaman.
Romantic Interests: none
Religion/Philosophy: Believes in Elune without revering Her. Auriainda saves her respect for the Sentinels’ leadership, and leaves the piety to the priestesses.
Occupation: Sentinel

Weapons of choice: Swords (comfortable with both 2h and 1h models), Polearms
Hobbies: Herbalism
Special Abilities: “Does Shadowmeld count?"
Positive Personality Traits: Disciplined, loyal, honorable, intelligent
Negative Personality Traits: Prone to sarcasm, aloof, quiet, prone to depression, vengeful
Misc. Quirks: Tendency to bite her lower lip; prefers a toothy smirk when she smiles. Tendency to flex her right hand before reaching for a weapon, or when thinking about her weapon.

Favorite Food: Ashenvale Kimchi (Darnassian Kimchi is too sweet; they don’t let it ripen long enough)
Favorite Drink: Sweet wines, only in small amounts and only on special occasions
Favorite Spot: Ashenvale Forest
Favorite Animal: Hippogryph

Least Favorite Food: Liver (half of it is the smell)
Least Favorite Drink: Ale
Least Favorite Spot: On a boat
Least Favorite Animal: Yak (all of it is the smell)

RP Class: Soldier