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^^^ Not jumping the gun at all!

I noticed disciplined: Aera will be pleased.

Then I noticed: Prone to sarcasm. That better not override the disciplined part, or Aera will not be pleased. :D
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#8316258 Aeraniel Wind-Dancer wrote:

^^^ Not jumping the gun at all!

I noticed disciplined: Aera will be pleased.

Then I noticed: Prone to sarcasm. That better override the disciplined part, or Aera will not be pleased. :D

Discipline definitely has the upper hand on Auri's traits. She reserves sarcasm for out-of-uniform conversations, and then usually only in mild dosages. So if Aera spends any time with her Sentinels off-duty, then she may indeed become displeased!
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Name: Kyphaz Az'thora (Mistwolf)
Your Character Introduces Self As: Kyphaz (On or off duty)
Age: 800-ish
Physical Age: Mid twenties
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Silver/ Moontouched
Skin Color: Dark pink
Physical Features: Faint puncture scars along her arms and back of her neck, some of them show tearing of the skin. Crimson tear shaped gem encased in her navel
Tattoos (if any): Black saber-claw markings. Double light-bolt tattoo at one side of her hip. (Not that you ever see it >.>)

Place of residence: Darnassus... for now.
Place of Birth: Ashenvale
Known Relatives: Shavh'ara Faeclaw (Niece), Nixxavhari Crimsonwolf (Twin sister +), Naralune and Nara'thor Harrison (Shav's children), Kalic Harrison (Much hated and mistrusted husband of her niece)
Known Friends: Not many, she used to keep most at arms length. Tyrin Wolfinzar (DK and pain in the @ss), Whisper (Protegee )
Romantic Interests: A fallen paladin, Looong story, known as the Lightbender/ Mind's eye/ Darklord. Her mate and much prefered sarcasm victim
Religion/Philosophy: Follower of kaldorei religion
Occupation: Sentinel, occasional blade for hire

Weapons of choice: Sword, bow
Positive Personality Traits: Protective, loyal
Negative Personality Traits: Sarcastic, VERY independent
Misc. Quirks: Knows way too much about shadow/dark arts, tends to get in trouble a lot

Favorite Spot: Rooftops or high places, whatever gives the best vantage point
Favorite Animal: Nightsabers

Least Favorite Spot: In a dark room with a overly insane Death knight in search for revenge against the Order she once served. Long story...

RP Class: Warrior/hunter
Curiosity killed the nightsaber
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Name: Elaindria
Your Character Introduces Self As: Sentinel Elaindria Firesong
Age: a little over 1000
Physical Age: late 20's
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: silver
Skin Color: ivory
Physical Features: nothing particularly unique
Tattoos (if any): not yet, but soon!
Height: average
Weight: average

Place of residence: Darnassus
Place of Birth: Silithus
Known Relatives: mother in Darnassus
Known Friends: fellow Sentinels and Ali
Romantic Interests: getting into a new relationship
Religion/Philosophy: believes in Elune; prays and meditates often
Occupation: Sentinel

Weapons of choice: bow and arrow
Hobbies: alchemy and herbalism
Special Abilities: very in tune with the beasts of the world
Positive Personality Traits: intelligent, proud, loyal, slow to anger
Negative Personality Traits: self-conscious in leadership positions, slow to forgive- will hold grudges and generalize people sometimes
Misc. Quirks: rather awkward conversationalist, often introverted

Favorite Food: fruit
Favorite Drink: fruit juice
Favorite Spot: any forest
Favorite Animal: owls

Least Favorite Food: doesn't really have one
Least Favorite Drink: ale and other alcoholic beverages
Least Favorite Spot: Stormwind & Ironforge
Least Favorite Animal: qiraji

RP Class: huntress
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((Ooo, fun I never did this!))

Name: Lieka Ariete Sunwing
Your Character Introduces Self As: Huntress Ariete Sunwing
Age: High 200's
Physical Age: Young Adult (Human years=early 20's)
Hair Color: Silvery-White
Eye Color: White with tint of dark pink
Skin Color: Pale Peach
Physical Features: (See icon and/or inspiration.)
Tattoos (if any): Serpent Mandalas
Height: 6'5" (Short)
Weight: 210lb (Nimble, Small)

Place of residence: Darnassus
Place of Birth: Ashenvale Forest
Known Relatives: Rakharo Moonwing and Nymeria Stormborne (Parents)...etc
Known Friends: Her companions. Sentinels in her cadre and a few others.
Romantic Interests: Nothing Permanent
Religion/Philosophy: Elune, Mother Moon
Occupation: Sentinel Huntress

Weapons of choice: Bow and arrows. Sometimes daggers.
Hobbies: Studying languages
Special Abilities: Unknown
Positive Personality Traits: Compassionate, Open-Minded, Intelligent, Curious(?)
Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, Naive, Impatient, Reckless
Misc. Quirks: Scared of swimming in large bodies of water often, biting her nails if suffering anxiety.
Favorite Food: Noodles
Favorite Drink: Moonberry Juice
Favorite Spot: Dry, untouched forests
Favorite Animal: All avians and sabers

Least Favorite Food: Any Insects
Least Favorite Drink: Cheap Beer
Least Favorite Spot: Ironforge
Least Favorite Animal: Many large sea animals. E.G squids, sharks, etc.

RP Class: Sentinel officer/archer, fauna expert, novice field medic
“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you. ”

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Hey there! I’m procrastinating school work!

Name: Numah Silverglaive
Your Character Introduces Self As: Sentinel Silverglaive
Age: 318
Physical Age: 19-early twenties.
Hair Color: Dark blue.
Eye Color: Silver White.
Skin Color: Very light purple/ dark pink.
Physical Features: Meh.
Tattoos (if any): Crest of the Sentinels on her chest. Her family’s mandalas.
Height: Average
Weight: Toned, muscular.

Place of residence: Darnassus.
Place of Birth: Astranaar.
Known Relatives: Cervael Silverglaive (Father, MIA presumed KIA), Aurelia Brightmoon(Mother, deceased) , Numahaya Duskraven(Aunt, changed her name from Silverglaive to Duskraven.)
Known Friends: She’s not too sure. A a few other Sentinels.
Romantic Interests: Nope.
Religion/Philosophy: Worships Elune.
Occupation: Sentinel warrior.

Weapons of choice: A long, two-handed, curved sword. Built for her father, during the War of the Ancients to slay demons, passed down to her.
Hobbies: Training, blacksmithing.
Special Abilities: Nope.
Positive Personality Traits: She is honorable. Protective. Trustworthy. Respectful.
Negative Personality Traits: Short temper. Hateful. Stubborn. Gets easily offended. Fear of loss.
Misc. Quirks: Rarely takes care of her hair.

Favorite Food: Winterspring Berries coated with creamy homemade syrup.
Favorite Drink: Dwarven Ale (rarely drinks it though)
Favorite Spot: The warrior’s terrace’s training dummies. The Astranaar Graveyard.
Favorite Animal: Owls.

Least Favorite Food: Meat,
Least Favorite Drink: Kaldorei Wine.
Least Favorite Spot: Her old house in Astranaar. The Astranaar Graveyard.
Least Favorite Animal: Worgen. (I kid, i kid. I have no idea)

RP Class: Soldier.
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#9265945 Numah Silverglaive wrote:

Known Friends: She’s not too sure. A a few other Sentinels.

Thanks Numah. ;)
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#9266936 Aeraniel Wind-Dancer wrote:

#9265945 Numah Silverglaive wrote:

Known Friends: She’s not too sure. A a few other Sentinels.

Thanks Numah. ;)

Oye, in my defense I actually hesitated at this question and I thought "I wonder if I should write Aeraniel, or keep it their little secret."

Also! She's crap at that kind of stuff! Rogers is also her friend, but wasn't put down. Same goes with Private Keynos!
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*Tears of happiness* Crom is moving up in the world, one elf friend at a time!

Maybe I'll do one of these sometime.
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Name: Laedria Starslice
Your Character Introduces Self As: Sentinel Laedria Starslice
Age: 10,353
Physical Age: 23
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Silver
Skin Color: Violet
Physical Features: Countless small nicks and scars, some resembling burn marks.
Tattoos (if any): A sword with stars in lieu of a blade above her left breast, numerous icons, crests and markings with "My Body Is Their Shield" written across her shoulders.
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 230 lbs

Place of residence: Starfall Village, Winterspring
Place of Birth: Suramar
Known Relatives: All deceased
Known Friends: Mirindii Moonspeaker, Ferathi Grimfeather, Mydoriel Ali'zarin, Onyu Tha'ladir
Known Colleagues: The above, including Zysera Shadeborne
Romantic Interests: Draenei Seeress named Najiya
Religion/Philosophy: Worships Elune,
Occupation: Sentinel

Weapons of choice: Axes and Swords
Hobbies: Drinking wine
Special Abilities: Having a fine eye for fashion
Positive Personality Traits: Honest, Open, Tenacious
Negative Personality Traits: Arrogant, Ignorant, Stubborn, Awkward, Lusty, Blunt, Short tempered
Misc. Quirks: Is a Highborne

Favorite Food: Spider Meat
Favorite Drink: Winterspring Icewine
Favorite Spot: Frostfire Hotsprings
Favorite Animal: Frostsabres

Least Favorite Food: Anything cooked by Humans
Least Favorite Drink: Anything brewed by Humans
Least Favorite Spot: Stormwind
Least Favorite Animal: Hippogryphs

RP Class: Warrior
The love of Elune shines like a light upon us all!
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Name: Rhenelle Nightblade
Your Character Introduces Self As: Sentinel Rhenelle Nightblade
Age: Around 2550
Physical Age: Late 20's
Hair Color: Dark blue
Eye Color: Dim whtie
Skin Color: Pinkish-tan
Physical Features: Slender, well-toned, while keeping a feminine, fit body figure.
Tattoos (if any): Only the facial bear tattoos.
Height: 7'2"
Weight: Around 220-ish.

Place of residence: A housing in Darnassus.
Place of Birth: Astranaar, Ashenvale.
Known Relatives: Cellia Nightblade, only living relative left. Older sister by about 3k years.
Known Friends: Most of her fellow Sentinels in the cadre.
Romantic Interests: Classified. Sorry. Though most of you probably know by now.
Religion/Philosophy: FOR TEH GAWDESS
Occupation: ...Sentinel?

Weapons of choice: Her custom-made, two handed runeblade enchanted by the priestesses of Elune with Her power.
Hobbies: Blacksmithing, running, sparring.
Special Abilities: Nothing magical. The ability to serve the front lines of battle with the hardened courage of a veteran warfighter.
Positive Personality Traits: Kind, friendly, brave.
Negative Personality Traits: Sometimes a bit too trustworthy of others. Afraid of heights. An unbearable fear of moths.
Misc. Quirks: Usually finds herself being trailed by a bear. Come on now.

Favorite Food: Seafood. Raw and cooked.
Favorite Drink: Sweet berry wines.
Favorite Spot: Two spots. Close to home: Under a tree by a lake hidden in the hills of Teldrassil behind Darnassus. Also next to a lake near Utgarde Keep in the Howling Fjord.
Favorite Animal: Bear.

Least Favorite Food: Leafy foods.
Least Favorite Drink: Beer.
Least Favorite Spot: Shadowmoon Valley.
Least Favorite Animal: Moths. The hummanoid-sized ones in the forests, specifically.

RP Class: Sentinel Warrior.
#9281984 Mar 23, 2014 at 10:39 PM
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#9281974 Rhenelle Nightblade wrote:

Favorite Animal: Bear.

Bear paw stamp of approval.))
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Name: (Priestess) Kaira Aeawyn Riverglade
Your Character Introduces Self As: Priestess Riverglade
Age: 11,205
Physical Age: Late-20s, Early 30s.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Silver
Skin Color: Fair
Physical Features: Soft facial features- long ears- short hair- average height
Tattoos (if any): Flowers~
Height: Average Kaldorei female height
Weight: Fair

Place of residence: Darnassus
Place of Birth: Ashenvale
Known(Not known. Shh) Relatives: Naridel Oakelsteel, Tiadaris Oakensteel, Adean Oakensteel
Known Friends: --
Romantic Interests: --
Religion/Philosophy: Elune, and the moon. Don't be silly.
Occupation: Priestess/ Sentinel recruit

Weapons of choice: Love. No really, probably using magics.
Hobbies: Reading and helping people.
Special Abilities: Unnatural ability to heal most everything with a little given effort.
Positive Personality Traits: Loving, caring, and finds caring for someone's problems is a whole lot more important than anything else.
Negative Personality Traits: ^^^^^
Misc. Quirks: Roleplaying is best used to find things out like this.

Favorite Food: Salad
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Spot: Temples and large grass areas.
Favorite Animal: Cat

Least Favorite Food: Most meats
Least Favorite Drink: Ale
Least Favorite Spot: Somewhere with lots of snow and ice.
Least Favorite Animal: Snakes

RP Class: Priestess

"If you respect all, you get respected by all."
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Name: Ysireni Oakenwhisper
Your Character Introduces Self As: Ysireni
Age: Adult
Physical Age: 27ish
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Purple
Skin Color: Light Purple
Physical Features: None out of the ordinary
Tattoos (if any): Traditional Kaldorei twin blade tattoos on her face
Height: 6' 1" (Self Conscious)
Weight: 160ish

Place of residence: Undecided
Place of Birth: Auberdine
Known Relatives: Both parents and sister deceased. (Died during Cataclysm)
Known Friends: Cogs (The robot Kitten), Some Non-Sentinels, not friends per-say with any Sentinels but you know acquaintances might describe it better
Romantic Interests: None
Religion/Philosophy: Follower of Elune
Occupation: Tinkerer

Weapons of choice: Twin Daggers
Hobbies: Reading, Visiting Children, and Engineering
Special Abilities: Unnaturally good at sneaking
Positive Personality Traits: Friendly and accepting
Negative Personality Traits: Quiet
Misc. Quirks: Looks a little dreamy-eyed even at full attention

Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite Drink: Anything with Fruit
Favorite Spot: Stormwind (Odd for an elf, but elven architecture reminds her of home, though she'll never admit that's a bad thing)
Favorite Animal: Cat

Least Favorite Food: N/A
Least Favorite Drink: Alchohol
Least Favorite Spot: Ruin of Auberdine
Least Favorite Animal: Gryphon

RP Class: Assassin / Scout
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Name: Cromalyon Keynos
Your Character Introduces Self As: Cromalyon Keynos, of Gilneas
Age: 23
Physical Age: Early 20's
Hair Color: Dark Brown as a Human, Dark Gray as a Worgen
Eye Color: Blue as a Human, Icy Blue Glow as a Worgen
Skin Color: Mild tan
Physical Features: Well-built and muscular, especially in Worgen form. Noticeable and fairly severe scarring along the left side of his head (claw marks, partially damaged ear) and on his left shoulder (bite marks).
Tattoos (if any): None
Height: 5'10" as a Human, 7'6" as a Worgen
Weight: 200 lbs. as a Human, 270 lbs. as a Worgen

Place of residence: Darnassus, in the Howling Oak
Place of Birth: Gilneas, in the town of Duskhaven
Known Relatives: All deceased
Known Friends: Aeraniel (Respected Acquaintance), Numah (Developing friendship), Lieka (Respected Acquaintance), Other Sentinels (Respected Acquaintances, Acquaintances)
Romantic Interests: None
Religion/Philosophy: Once a follower of the Light, since abandoned his beliefs after the Light abandoned Gilneas to the worgen curse
Occupation: Gilnean Liaison to the Sentinels

Weapons of choice: Bare fists, fist weapons
Hobbies: Reading, fishing
Special Abilities: Heightened senses, bestial agility and strength
Positive Personality Traits: Honorable, Respectful, Kind, Devoted
Negative Personality Traits: Self-deprecating, Overly Modest, Stubborn in some ways
Misc. Quirks: Lacks experience in controlling his Worgen form and suffers in different ways because of it. Nightmares, feral tendencies and other issues surface occasionally.

Favorite Food: Raw meat
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Spot: Elven lands
Favorite Animal: Canines

Least Favorite Food: Green vegetables
Least Favorite Drink: Alcohol
Least Favorite Spot: Stormwind
Least Favorite Animal: Carrion birds

RP Class: Scrapper, Brawler
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Name: Ilthallia Nor’Rhok
Your Character Introduces Self As: Outrunner Ilthallia Nor’Rhok
Age: 607
Physical Age: Mid to Late 20’s
Hair Color: Inky Blue
Eye Color: Dull Silver
Skin Color: Light, misty blue
Physical Features: Well-built and muscular, has her fair share of scars
Tattoos (if any): Blades
Height: Tall

Place of residence: Darnassus
Place of Birth: A small village in Ashenvale
Known Relatives: A brother, and two deceased parents
Known Friends: Her owl, Isthal, if pets can be considered friends. She thinks of her Sentinel sisters as comrades, or even acquaintances, but currently not as friends.
Romantic Interests: None
Religion/Philosophy: A moderately devout worshipper of Elune
Occupation: Warrior. She used to be a mercenary of sorts, but worked without profit in mind.

Weapons of choice: Two-handed sword
Hobbies: Skinning, leatherworking, fishing, cooking.
Special Abilities: None.
Positive Personality Traits: Determined, focused, efficient, dutiful
Negative Personality Traits: Narrow-minded, guarded, holds a grudge

Favorite Food: Roasted boar meat, smoked fish
Favorite Drink: Fresh spring water
Favorite Spot: The unused, unvisited roads and areas of Ashenvale
Favorite Animal: Owls and Nightsabers

Least Favorite Food: Anything originating from other races, mostly
Least Favorite Drink: Alcohol
Least Favorite Spot: Azshara, especially the coast
Least Favorite Animal: Hippogryphs

RP Class: Soldier
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Name: Chandryl
Your Character Introduces Self As: Chandryl
Physical Age: 19
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Light Blue
Skin Color: Blue (Have to pardon me if its off in game, I am colour blind IRL)
Physical Features:  Slender woman with a slight white aura around her, almost as if the cold form frost if eminating off her skin.
Tattoos (if any): Only the ones upong her face.
Height: 7 ft

Place of residence: Winterspring (When not serving in Darnassus)
Place of Birth: Winterspring
Known Relatives: Parents unknown. No Known Siblings.
Known Friends: Chal Fairwind.

Religion/Philosophy: Priestess of Elune
Occupation:Priestess/Provayor of Herbs and Potions.

Weapons of choice: Stave
Hobbies: Strolling through the snowy hills. (Bellyflopping down the hills when nobody is watching)
Special Abilities: Has quite the knack for befriending companion pets.
Positive Personality Traits: Trusting
Negative Personality Traits: Too Trusting.
Misc. Quirks: 

Favorite Food: Dalaran Cakes and Cookies.
Favorite Drink:Moonberry Juice
Favorite Spot: Any of the hilltops in Winterspring.
Favorite Animal: Winterspring cub.

Least Favorite Food: Gooey Spider Cake
Least Favorite Drink: Star's Lament
Least Favorite Spot: Plaugelands
Least Favorite Animal: Anything undead.

RP Class: Winterspring Priestess of the Frost.

For us, there is no spring. Just the wind that smells fresh before the storm.
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I'm a bit late to the party here but I'm new and figured it'd be a a good way to introduce myself!

Name: Syranta Darkwinter
Your Character Introduces Self As: Syranta
Age: 5,367
Physical Age: Mature Night Elf
Hair Color: Pale as a Full Moon
Eye Color: Silver
Skin Color: Lavender
Physical Features: Half inch black wood gauges depicting Nightsabers, multiple piercings up her ears, scars cover her body and meld with her tattoos, multiple scars on her face (most of them are pretty faded at this point)

Tattoos (if any): Blade Mandalas, Black tribal tattoos running the course of her body from her ankles to her wrists to her neck, two Nightsabers on her chest facing each other (think old style tigers)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 154 lbs

Place of residence: Dolanaar at the moment
Place of Birth: Ashenvale
Known Relatives: All deceased
Known Friends: None
Romantic Interests: Straight, Single
Religion/Philosophy: Elune and following Demigods (can't remember the name of the religion)
Occupation: Assassin for hire (hasn't been inducted yet)

Weapons of choice: Dual poisoned daggers, dual axes, dual swords, bow/gun
Hobbies: Woodcarving, Leatherworking, Alchemy, Stonecarving
Special Abilities: Extreme Fast Healing
Positive Personality Traits: Honor bound, Respectful, Trusting, Loyal
Negative Personality Traits: Quick to anger sometimes, Trusting, Brutally Honest, Hateful at times
Misc. Quirks: Attitude can change at the drop of a hat, bit of a drunkard

Favorite Food: Doesn't have one
Favorite Drink: Darnassian Wine
Favorite Spot: Anywhere secluded in the forest
Favorite Animal: Nightsaber

Least Favorite Food: Lichen
Least Favorite Drink: Orcish Alcohol
Least Favorite Spot: Anywhere in the Barrens
Least Favorite Animal: Vulture

RP Class: Assassin, at the moment
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#11621400 Syranta Darkwinter wrote:

I'm a bit late to the party here but I'm new and figured it'd be a a good way to introduce myself!

This -is- a great way to introduce yourself :D. Glad you shared! Interesting stuff, Syranta.
#11622262 Oct 11, 2015 at 04:54 AM
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Thank you very much! I know it's really different than most elven Character Sheets, but theres an explanation for everything I assure you haha.