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Name: Shiri Nyghtwhisper
Your Character Introduces Self As: Recruit Nyghtwhisper
Age: Mature
Physical Age: 360+
Hair Color: Pale white
Eye Color: Glacier blue
Skin Color: Pale grey with purple tone qualities
Physical Features: She is unremarkable in all physical features
Tattoos (if any): The Claw facial tattooing marking her as associated with the nightsaber and the huntress.
Height: 6'9"
Weight: Lithe

Place of residence: Sentinel's Barracks, Darnassus
Place of Birth: Nordrassil, lived most her of life in Starfall Village within Winterspring
Known Relatives: Ceylwinn Rainpetal (NE priestess) - mother, Ourrin Highblade (NE warrior, deceased) - father, Jartsam (NE trainer) - paternal uncle, Sharina Sylversword (NE warrior) - halfsister, Adara Moonspider (NE druid) - halfsister, Sinda (NE merchant) - halfsister, Trey Nightclaw (NE hunter and law specialist) - halfsister, Mythlleas Wildsword (NE monk) - halfbrother, Cayles Rainsong (NE priestess) - halfsister
Known Friends: NA - she mostly has acquaintances, she really has no true friends - yet
Romantic Interests: NA - she has no time for love or romance in her life, she is married to her duties
Religion/Philosophy: Elune and her circle of Gods and Demi-gods
Occupation: Recruit Sentinel in the Army of Sentinels

Weapons of choice: Bows, for melee combat she prefers long daggers, usually curved single edged knives
Hobbies: Breeding and raising and training Frostsabers from Winterspring.
Special Abilities: None
Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, devoted, honest, humble.
Negative Personality Traits: Stoic, rigid, serious, guarded, stand-offish, prejudiced against humans, loathes Quel'dorei and hates Sin'dorei with a passion
Misc. Quirks: Is rather soft spoken when not using her "Army Voice".

Favorite Food: Slow roasted boar shoulder
Favorite Drink: Tea
Favorite Spot: The hills just up from Starfall Village
Favorite Animal: Frostsaber

Least Favorite Food: Everything generally associated with Quel'dorei and Sin'dorei
Least Favorite Drink: Everything alcoholic
Least Favorite Spot: Felwood - at least until recently
Least Favorite Animal: Sin'dorei

RP Class: Huntress of Winterspring, Recruit of the Sentinels
AKA: Sharina Sylversowrd - Scarlet Crusade server, player since Vanilla
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Name: Illiana (Allahnia (birthname)) Riverdawn
Your Character Introduces Self As: Illiana Riverdawn
Age: 10013
Physical Age:35...(totally not old, right Adel?)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Silver
Skin Color: Cream with a hint of pink
Physical Features: Average height, lean and toned. Has a mechanical left arm, up to her elbow.
Tattoos (if any): Tiger claw mandala and a small IS tattooed on the outside of her right upper arm.
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 230lbs

Place of residence: Darnassus
Place of Birth: Zin'Azshari
Known Relatives: Sonoa Dawnfire (wife), Callen Riverdawn (son), Moonjade Riverdawn (mother, deceased), Callen Riverdawn (father, deceased), Angeni Riverdawn (aunt), Aiyan Riverdawn (uncle-in-law), Maurkakar (husband, deceased)
Known Friends: None...atm... ;>.>
Romantic Interests: Sonoa of course
Religion/Philosophy: Elune be praised! */cheer*
Occupation: Unemployed/acolyte at the Temple of the Moon/ about to be a recruit for the Sentinels.

Weapons of choice: Polearm > bow > dagger.
Hobbies: Training, cooking (still learning), praying (she's so boring now that she isn't a blood-thirsty huntress anymore)
Special Abilities: The ability to stay alive for so long and after multiple close-calls.
Positive Personality Traits: Fierce loyalty, big heart, hard-worker, tries to be a good mother and wife, had a terrible sense of might return...
Negative Personality Traits: Hard-worker, doubts self often, used to be quick to anger (might still see it, though it's generally under control), quick to trust (especially if you are a fellow guild member or you seem "innocent" which has gotten her into trouble before), will hold her tongue unless something illegal or immoral comes up (go with the flow type person).
Misc. Quirks: Recently, she prays often, even during combat or speaking with someone (where appropriate she injects small/quick prayers to Elune).

Favorite Food: Anything hot and is a meat.
Favorite Drink: Moonberry juice.
Favorite Spot: The lake just outside of the Temple of the Moon.
Favorite Animal: Owl (her last companion was a spirit owl named Ban'thalos (which means protector in Thalassian...learned that years ago). Her companion fell in combat and she has yet to obtain a new companion. She steers away from this because, as she puts it, the bond with Ban'thalos was so strong she does not think she will ever find another companion like that ever again.)

Least Favorite Food: Anything cold.
Least Favorite Drink: Any type of alcohol, unless she's having a really bad day.
Least Favorite Spot: Anywhere currently occupied by horde forces...even neutral territory.
Least Favorite Animal: Anything that reminds her of felhounds.

RP Class:Hunter/priestess