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[Pinned] A message to all new recruits.

Welcome Sentinel!A few things to take note of as a new recruit:1 ) Guild chat /g is an in-character channel. Sentguild is our OOC chat. To join enter /join sentguild 2 ) No, you don't need a tabard. You will be given a tabard and uniform during yo...
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Ishnu-dal-dieb Sisters

My name is Azshaulana Winterforest, (OOCLY you can call my Lana, or Ulana, we already have a Lana I believe, or as I become more part of this group, come up with a nickname for me. I always like randomness, its fun)I am happy to have join the Moo...
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Azshaulana Winterforest3243Small Bovira Nightbreeze 224d
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Greetings, Sisters!

Hello, Sisters. I cannot begin to explain to you how excited I am to be amongst you! My name is Kerras Rainfeather, and OOCly, you may call me Kerras, as well. I'm so extremely happy to be included in a guild like this, and I hope that I make many...
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Hi everyone!I am Aethariia, OOC, you may call me Sieg!I am a little newer to roleplaying in WoW but have been an avid writer for most of my life. I have attended some RP events in the past, most recently the celebration of the Lunar New Year, and ...
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Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the Sentinels, and I couldn't be happier about it! For introductions, I'm Vallorie, and I can't wait to meet you all! :)
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Just want to say iam fairly new to the Moonglaive Sentinels and iam very happy and excited to be here.
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Totally geeking out!

Hi everyone! I am super excited to be here. I’ve been playing the game off and on since Wrath (I would level a character then start a new one-Ive just been learning about end game content, lol) but only started rping about a year ago. I have learn...
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Hello! ^^

Hi everyone! After years and years of wanting to apply I finally pushed through nervousness to do so and I cant believe I was accepted. It means so much to be apart of an amazing guild! I remember when I first started playing wow and seeing the se...
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Hello Hello Hello!

Hello everyone! Wow- Let me start off with, I am terrible at introductions so sorry ahead of time if this just turns into a ramble!I am super excited to meet yall and play with yall coming up! I've been playing wow for about 12 or so years and hav...
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Hello everyone!

Hello! I'm so happy to be here and meet all you wonderful people. I've been playing WoW since BC, with this same Night Elf. I've had a couple alts I've gotten to about 20, but then lost interest. I love this Night Elf and I love being a Druid, so ...
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Hey there :)

Hey there Sentinels! Happy to be here, or back, in a way! A long time ago I played a warrior named Varrinda Wintersong in the guild, and absolutely loved my time! Life took over for a while, but I'm happy to be back, and hope everyone is doing wel...
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Thought I'd stop in and say hi. What's up gang?
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Good morning,I'm looking forward to meeting all of you in game! Ena was my main for Cataclysm and I'm looking forward to catching her up and RPing with you all!Last two xpacs I mained a monk, Desdaemonia, who is now a void elf. But that was gettin...
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Ishnu-alah to all of you! I've just recently joined the guild, and decided I would say hello!I'm an avid writer, roleplayer, RPG gamer, anime enthusiast, and about a thousand other things, but most of all I'm a huge fan of Warcraft and the univers...
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Hello Sisters!

Ishnu-alah Sisters. Thank you for making me so welcome to the Moonglaive Sentinels.I'm freshly transferred to WrA and of course just sworn to the guild as well. I'm finding my way around. Happy to connect with some of you in-game already. My name ...
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New, but not new? But still new, while not??

Okie. I thought it about high time of the Moon's apex to sit down and write this.Hi hi! Thank you allow me (back) in! I'm Amithyst, and I RP Naisha (...d'uh...they know that part). I look forward to a lot of misadventures with all of you, both...
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Hello, thank you for allowing me to join. I just recently returned to wow and been looking for something more than just end game stuff, and decided to give RP and go. thank goodness for the recruitment post in WRA. I am former US Navy so Military ...
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Ellessana 4728Small Adellwyna 1y
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Hi, All!

My name is Erin, and my character is Eririn Amberwatcher. I'm excited to meet you all and hopefully become friends! This is my first character on WRA, but I do have ~4-6 years of RP experience. I'm struggling to figure what else to type; I'm hones...
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Eririn Amberwatcher4799Small Yserdrel Stormshot 1y
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Hello, deer!

Rhiannon Silverpelt is now part of the Moonglaive Sentinels! It's deer-lightful to meet you!I make no promises about not making further puns.
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Hello I am Artoiya, new to guild and glad to be here.
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