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[N-RP] Helping Hands: Cleasing the Blight | Fri 7/9 5:30 PM ST | Azshara

Hello everyone! This is an ongoing event series focused on building relations between the Kaldorei and the Horde! In the 2nd Event of our first Chapter, we join together to shut down a shipping company that is sending raw materials to Blight Man...
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[N-RP] Helping Hands | Fri 4/10 5:30 PM ST | Astravar Harbor (Suramar)

Scrolls were posted on bulletin boards in settlements and territories across Azeroth.<img src = "">---Hello everyone! I'll be hosting an event to ...
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[A-RP] Helping Hands | Fri 2/12 5:30 PM ST | Val’Sharrah (Temple of Elune)

Scrolls found their way into Kaldorei villages, worgen settlements, and then thinly in Alliance cities. Some were posted on bulletin boards, others were handed out to targeted groups.---Hello everyone! I'll be hosting an event to discuss acceptin...
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Just popping in, with interest! (OOC)

This is an OOC post!Howdy there everyone!I'm just dropping a line to put out my interest for this here guild. I'm planning on getting back into WoW hard to prepare for Shadowlands, and I'm hoping that I can get in with a great guild like this one ...
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In 'elah Esteemed Sentinels,I am sending this missive at the suggestion of Miekketar, who I met while in Drustvar. She was kind enough to answer some questions about your guild and has suggested that I reach out here with my queries.Being a Kaldor...
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Hello, I was wondering if you guys take newbies. I have been playing wow for like ever and just recently return. I would like to do more than just raiding and thought of givng RP a try just don't know how to get started. I came across your guild r...
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A Hastily-written Note

My name is Kyrai. I don't know if I'll even get the courage to actually post this note... but, my mother served alongside the Sentinels, in the days before the burning of the Great Tree. She was a Priestess of Elune, and wore her Sentinel uniform ...
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Greetings, Sisters

As my friend, Loremis, scribes this letter down for me, know that these are but my words and my words alone.I am Kiranie Moonseer. Priestess of Elune. Oracle of the Moon.Former Sentinel.I leave you all this note, in hopes one of you may read it. Y...
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Trying to get one of my old stories

Adell, or any of the officers really,Was coming here to try to get one of my old stories off the forums to share with the people I play with on FFXIV now. Either it's gone or in a subforum I can no longer access. Would one of you be willing to loo...
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WOW 7 YEARS! WOOT! /dances on a mailbox.

Elune-adore Sentinels.This post is a couple months late I know but I check in here every so often to see how you guys are doing, so happy to see you all still going, it really hits me in the feels with the nostalgia. I know you guys are celebratin...
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Question, thinking of applying.

Hello there¡ So finally grabbed some courage/time to post here, thinking of applying to the guild but first wanted to ask if you take rookie RPers? Been on WrA for a while enjoying sneak peeking at rp conversations 😬 and self inmmersion while lev...
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Applied/Received Message

I put in an application and received a message back to meet in Darnassus however it was not specific on where. Is there a certain area i should wait in or?
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applied/received message

I have applied to the guild. Received in game message and have been looking for Adellwyna or any officer since. I will be online all day Friday and on Starurday from 12pm EST onwards. I will be wandering Darnasus and Dolanar.
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Mandala/Tattoo ceremony

Hello again! When I was browsing around your site a while ago I noticed that you had a thread (that I could not access) with information about how you handle the mandalas/tattoos and the ceremony when you receive them. So I was wondering, is this ...
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Guild application

Hey there! Just wondering if you received my application for the guild, I worry that perhaps my phone had timed out before I could submit it.
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Looking through the website, thinking of applying.

Hi! I've been snooping through this site for a while now, and I love the premise and mood of this guild! I think I just might apply sometime this week, or whenever I have the time to go and buy Legion and fully catch up with the actual game. Hope ...
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Very well done event and page

I am impressed with how well the event has gone and the well done page here. I don't see this much with other guilds so this does make you all stand out. Very kind players so far and lots of info and help with night elf lore and rp. I hope to be a...
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I wanted to stop in and give my thanks to Yserdrel Stormshot. I'm new to Alliance Wyrmrest (though not to WoW), my first shot at a serious Kal'dorei character, and on my first trip into Stormwind just to work on my character information she appro...
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Greetings from your Fluffier Neighbors

During the past year, I had the absolute pleasure of RPing with a few of your Sentinels while patrolling Darnassus on my Worgen Moonclaw, Saenrys Nightclaw (who was still in training at the time learning Darnassian). Some of you may remember me, ...
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