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The Sha and Shan'do Moonseer

December 27thIncident Report; Weapons drawn before civiliansRecruit Moonshadow and I began our patrol at the bridge leading to the Temple. Almost immediately, we encountered three individuals speaking just outside the Temple entrance. One, a well-...
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Seritana Riversong21559Small Ellesta 9y
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Theramore Event

Hey guys, just decided to write up the RP-PVP event that happened not long back to give you an idea of how it unfolded, although there was only 3 of us that showed :D Please excuse the tense jumping and the shortness...was rather tired.Something w...
Small Maysha 9y
Maysha31398Small Jenna Seabrooke 9y
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Lorethia's Cure ((Open RP))

I've decided to do forum RP to write out Lorethia's cure. I know at least Luna will write it with me, but I really encourage as many people to participate as would like to. The idea is to write the whole story in sections and let different people ...
Small Lorethia 9y
Lorethia93326Small Lorethia 9y
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To rescue a Shan'do

NOTE: I'm used some of your characters in this story so I hope you like and I hope I got them right. Please feel free to comment below on what you think.Chapter 1 - The HuntKeenstar, a Huntress of Sentinel, was running through the red mountains of...
Small Lorria Moonseer 9y
Lorria Moonseer259805Small Lorethia 9y
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Mandalas's Directive

Kerielle listened as General Shandris Feathermoon stipulated Recruit Mandalas's next training. It was a little different to the training most new warriors underwent while in the Sentinels, but Mandalas wasn't any ordinary warrior.Mandalas had som...
Small Kerielle 10y
Kerielle278849Small Mandalas 9y
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Sentinel Reports

((The Purpose of this thread is to keep everyone up to date and involved in any large scale Role Play stories that may be in progress. It will help to connect all of our members when we can’t all be on at the same time, yet still allow for maximu...
Small Luna Firesky 9y
Luna Firesky175887Small Alieca Wind-Dancer 9y
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Suprise for the Leadership

The Opener Deep in the recesses of a laboratory in an undisclosed location, the red headed woman sits in council with her chemist. “How are they taking root?” The chemist looks to her leader with a slight twist of impatience. “It’s the same as ...
Small Luna Firesky 9y
Luna Firesky1692Small Luna Firesky 9y
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Lorethia's Capture by The Red Lotus Cult (WARNING: Graphic Blood & Violence)

((Please see Ciunas's Report as to -how- Lorethia was captured))Luna Firesky 8 days agoAs you wake from your capture, you find yourself trapped in a triangular cage among many others. The area you are in smells heavily of dried blood and excrement...
Small Lorethia 9y
Lorethia103921Small Kerielle 9y
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((open forum RP))

((I need a break from writing another fight scene. Anyone is welcome to join in. No structure, so feel free to take it wherever you want.))Despite the leisurely pace, Felistrae kept her eyes sharp, watching for any possible signs of trouble from t...
Small Felistrae Hunvirr 9y
Felistrae Hunvirr143877Small Lorethia 9y
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An Elf walks into a bar... ((Open Rp))

Lara'Faye exits the gates of Orgrimmar contentedly. The orcs and trolls are happy playing with the bunny people of Silvermoon, the sky is a delicious yellow, and the female dwarf beards under Lara's feet are soft and comfortable. Everything is a...
Small Jenna Seabrooke 9y
Jenna Seabrooke51786Small Felistrae Hunvirr 9y
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Quest Board

The Story Teller((A role from classic Table Top Role Playing Games (Like Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire the Masquerade, Modern D20, etc.) used to tell the story so that the players themselves can focus solely on their own character. They function ...
Small Luna Firesky 9y
Luna Firesky72555Small Lorethia 9y
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Huntress Ellesta is captured!

A messenger owl flutters its wings before Commander Feathermoon before perching itself on a stable surface. On its body is a letter that reads:Commander Kerielle Feathermoon,May the Mother Moon forever guide your blade.Commander, as per writing of...
Small Kaliessa Keenstar 9y
Kaliessa Keenstar62388Small Kerielle 9y
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Kerielle confronts Uriwen

Since you all asked:Kerielle makes her way to Icecrown.16:37:40 [Uriwen]: Brave.16:37:47 [Uriwen]: Foolish but brave.16:37:52 [Kerielle]: Why?16:38:11 [Uriwen]: Why? Why what deary?16:39:31 [Kerielle]: Why brave and why foolish?16:40:15 [Uriwen]: ...
Small Kerielle 9y
Kerielle93138Small Ziaen 9y
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The Priesthood of Elune presents:

“The White Stag and the Moon”, a theatrical production of Night Elven legend.No Amberarrow is calling for more participants to get this production off the ground.If you think you can help - please sign up either of the PhoE site oron the Blizzard ...
Small Kerielle 9y
Kerielle2968Small Arejanna Elu'din 9y
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Test - post limit. (Well of Eternity).

So, I was asked a question about whether Shivtr has a post limit.To test, I posted the first 10 pages of the WotA trilogy.10 pages wasnt' the cap.. what about 20? Nope.Imma guess there isn't one.If anyone wants some light reading material for work...
Small Kerielle 9y
Kerielle21895Small Kerielle 9y
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Kerimia's first taste of the Dream.

20:17:38 [Moonknyght] whispers: So I suppose I should have taught you this trick. Do not be alarmed. Your mind is not playing tricks on you. 20:18:05 To [Moonknyght]: W-what? *looks around*20:18:47 [Moonknyght] whispers: There is other ways of com...
Small Kerielle 9y
Kerielle103307Small Jenna Seabrooke 9y
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[Open RP] In the Temple of the Moon

As Lorethia nears the entrance to the Temple of the Moon she feels her heart quicken. She stoops at the entry to remove her cloth boots as she worries herself over her lack of formal training and wonders what might be expected of her. My mother w...
Small Lorethia 10y
Lorethia51681Small Kerielle 9y
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Elbereth of Feathermoon

The events that take place in this short story happened on the trek back to Darnassus from Feathermoon Stronghold.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Elbereth sat gaz...
Small ßijou Starkindler 10y
ßijou Starkindler31392Small Jenna Seabrooke 9y
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Ashenvale WIP

For now, I'll have this out of character. It's just a quick write up about something Kalie and I were talking about. For some, or most of this, we would like to invite some horde players to assist us in our RP storyline. This is not meant to happe...
Small Celysa Swiftpaw 10y
Celysa Swiftpaw195480Small Celysa Swiftpaw 9y
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IC message from Lyndira ((Am I doing this right?))

((I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it, but here comes an IC message from Lyndira that she's posted in the Bunkhouse for all Sentinel's to read.))Wanted: Danny OrionThis human male stands of average height, with spiky blond hair, and...
Small Lyndira 10y
Lyndira41603Small Lorethia 10y