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Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] Sentinel Uniform Guide

IntroBeing part of a military guild not only means acting the part of a soldier, but looking the part as well. The following guide is intended to help you achieve that "Sentinel appearance," so that we as a guild can look more professional and uni...
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Adellwyna138374Small Bovira Nightbreeze 1y
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] Guild Roll System Reference

In the past we have tried a variety of basic roll systems, few of which I have been entirely satisfied with. Nor have we established a standard rule set, which leads to participants having to re-learn new systems for each event. This wastes valuab...
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Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] Advanced Character Development

1.) What animal or creature best symbolizes your character? Which traits do the two share? Which are different? Is this creature or beast the same as your totemic animal? If not, why not? 2.) How does your character view life? Is it a puzzle? A ch...
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[Pinned] Character Sheet!
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] Character Sheet!

*shrugs* I just thought it might be cool.Name:Your Character Introduces Self As:Age:Physical Age:Hair Color:Eye Color:Skin Color:Physical Features: Tattoos (if any):Height: Weight: Place of residence: Place of Birth: Known Relatives:Known Friends:...
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Celysa Swiftpaw6231907Small Illiana (Allahnia) Riverdawn 4y
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] Building your Night Elf character

Nightelves are imposing in stature, males being on average 7 feet tall. Male Kaldorei are very muscular, with broad chests and shoulders, indicative of the strength that lies within both their minds and bodies. Female night elves are lithe and cur...
Small Uewir Nightsong 11y
Uewir Nightsong66999Small Maeisha Evermoon 4y
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] Looking Good at Inductions: A Guide

The weekly Sentinel Induction Ceremony tradition occurs every saturday evening.It is one of the most important events of the week that all Sentinels must know about and try to attend if possible.It is held in the Darnassus Watch Tower, at the ever...
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Ariete Sunwing74461Small Adellwyna 5y
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Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] A Guide to Roleplaying a Soldier

((Written as an IC Guide for Roleplaying a Sentinel))Revision III. 22nd Moon of the First Month, Year 32Rules and RegulationsFor Darnassus SentinelsSection 1: Honors and Courtesies Saluting: Salute when you recognize a fellow Sentinel, before repo...
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Aeraniel Wind-Dancer4322175Small Shiri Nyghtwhisper 6y
[Pinned] Plothooks!
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] Plothooks!

While browsing a few other RP guildsites, I came across this really interesting idea from <Kharanei> called the 'Tacklebox'. In it members posted a bit about their toons for character development purposes. I sometimes find myself at a loss...
Small Alesune 8y
Alesune2316870Small Achlysse/Illyirana 6y
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] Intermediate Character Development

1.) Your character needs a horse for a long journey. Describe the steed's size, coloring, build, training and personality. Would your character rather make use of an exotic mount and/or use an esoteric manner of travel? 2.) What are your character...
Small Kerielle 10y
Kerielle52846Member avatar small Asaenel 6y
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] Basic Character Development

1.) What is your character's complete physical description? What is his/her race, age, height, weight, build? Hair color, length and type? Eye and skin tone? Unusual marks or scars? Bearing and usual demeanor? Typical garb (include multiple scenar...
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Kerielle189111Member avatar small Asaenel 6y
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] <Sentinel> Resource Catch-All Thread

ROLEPLAYING A KALDOREITIMELINETimeline (Roleplay Guidelines)NIGHT ELF ROLEPLAY GUIDELINESNight Elf (Wowpedia)Building your Night Elf Character (Roleplay Guidelines)A Guide to Roleplaying a Night Elf Character ( to Roleplay a Night El...
Small Alesune 7y
Alesune01217Small Alesune 7y
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] Sentinel Training

Further to my post about 'Getting Serious' we are going to instigate a training weekend - this weekend. We are going to meet on the road out of Darnassus and practice formations. When the cavalry is told to fall in, we want it to be flawless - w...
Small Kerielle 11y
Kerielle3314524Small Alesune 7y
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] A Guide to behaving inside the Temple of the Moon

Amended 30DEC15 by Watcher Iydris YewenThings you should NOT DODO NOT commit public displays of affection inside the Temple. This isn't your personal playground; it's a holy place of worship. Kissing, snuggling and other public displays of affecti...
Small Palandris Silvermist 8y
Palandris Silvermist145138Small Adellwyna 8y
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] Guide threads/pages

Basics of Roleplaying a Night ElfGuide to roleplaying a Night Elf characterNight Elf NotablesAll about Night ElvesHow to roleplay a Night Elf
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Kerielle11315Small Kerielle 10y
Roleplay Guidelines

[Pinned] A Darnassian Primer

Just to have it all in one spot. Loving this website! :) Good work Keri and the rest. &lt;3Here are a few common Darnassian phrases and words, for which the translations have been officially confirmed by Blizzard:"An'da!" = "Papa!" (A nick name fo...
Small Uewir Nightsong 11y
Uewir Nightsong27464Small Kaliessa Keenstar 11y
Roleplay Guidelines

Guild Dice System v2

Sentinel Dice System v2Ishnu'alah, comrades!As some of you know, the previous dice system does have a few flaws in it and cracks are beginning to show. And after a tough encounter got trivialized, again, I offered to begin building a new dice syst...
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Sidhanei Ambersong836Small Sidhanei Ambersong 4d
Roleplay Guidelines

Drills and Exercises

With any proper practice, what you put in is also what you get out. You won't become better if you don't put in the work and regular drills and training sessions are an important part of that. Even a Blademaster must keep her skills honed. Detaile...
Small Sidhanei Ambersong 1y
Sidhanei Ambersong6697Small Sidhanei Ambersong 1y
Roleplay Guidelines

Darkshore Appearances

I'm really digging the plate rewards from the new Darkshore Warfront.Will we be potentially changing the duty uniform for Sentinels based on any of the available new looks?
Small Aldëa Isilindalë 3y
Aldëa Isilindalë61687Member avatar small Silvenus 1y
Roleplay Guidelines

What to pack for the Annual Trek or long mission afield

Curious what you should have packed as a Sentinel? Here's a handy list of what your character should be packing when going out into long field mission and/or our annual Trek.I cannot take credit for this as my husband made this list back when he w...
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Roleplay Guidelines

How to fix the weather effects in game since BfA

I also found some commands which let you change the weather intensity:/console WeatherDensity 0 (Turns weather effects off.)/console WeatherDensity 1 (Low intensity.)/console WeatherDensity 2 (More intense.)/console WeatherDensity 3 (Heavy weather...
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