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Time to step it up a bit!
Discuss boss tactics, tricky pulls and scheduling.
Whinge, whine and complain! Tell us who NOT to group with!
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Found a cool quest with a great reward? Need help with one?
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General PvE

Mythic (+) Team

So was wondering if anyone is interested in doing weekly mythic keys as a group to get some nice gear. Maybe 1 day a week or 2 and push it as far as we can and slowly gear up? Say like Thursday evening or w/e. If done right is certainly less time...
Small Hêlynaeh 3y
Hêlynaeh81957Small Nightrunner 3y
General PvE

Raiding Antorus - poll

During this week I had some players express an interest in raiding Antorus - Normal. I am willing to lead a 2/3/9 raid or even a bigger one if there were more friends interested - I just need to set a time and set aside two hours.I've had good ex...
Small Hallun 4y
Hallun2216839Small Hallun 3y
General PvE

Rep Grind for BFA SubRaces

Hey fam!So in reading up on the subraces I see here you need to have exalted rep in various factions to unlock them come the new xpac! Well, I am not exalted in anything but Nightfallen, and per my completionist mindset that simply won't do! My pr...
Small Aloraina Thundermoon 4y
Aloraina Thundermoon92647Small Tamorin Dawncaller 4y
General PvE

Healer for Hire

Hi - if you ever need a healer for mythics or for a raid - message me I'm voodoomamajuju on Discord (I'm in the Wyrmrest Discord, too.)orhazethorne#1925
Small Hallun 4y
Hallun41252Small Kaylandris Winterstar 4y
General PvE

Long-Forgotten Hippogryph

Today, victory was mine!!I've compiled my own information to share with other sources (WoWhead, wowrarespawns, etc) but I also want to share it with you guys! I've heard quite a few of ya'll mention you'd like the mount, so PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I ...
Small Aloraina Thundermoon 4y
Aloraina Thundermoon61792Small Bovira Nightbreeze 4y
General PvE

A Discord That Helps People Get Rare Mounts and Pets

It's called WoW General Secret Finding. They're a group dedicated to helping people get rare mounts and hunter pets, especially the Long Forgotten Hippogryph. They have people from servers worldwide who post when rare spawns appear on their realms...
Member avatar small Alabellea Dawnstream 4y
Alabellea Dawnstream23882Small Kaylandris Winterstar 4y
General PvE

Randoom Wednesdays!

New thing, starting in 12 days! Get some heroic dungeons together to work on team work and all that outside or inside RP, you choose! If nothing else, we get to have some fun, learn from mistakes, and also just get those guild achievements!
Small Carisina Stormbreeze 7y
Carisina Stormbreeze2944Small Alesune 7y
General PvE

Xeq's new UI and 10M Ji-kun down

Before you ask, yes. That is Slyvanas in the backround of my UI. I'm still working on it and making it prettier, but overall the layout will probably remain the same. We got Ji-Kun down on our first attempt of the evening, then got stuck on Durumu...
Small Xeqwena 8y
Xeqwena41791Small Xeqwena 8y
General PvE

Wings on Priest's. Help!!!

I noticed a while back that preists could have wings as a spell of some sort. I did a little exploration about this in google but i did not understand how i get it.Can someone please help me?I am currently Disc and Shadow. As of today i am level 3...
Small Malmara Starsong 9y
Malmara Starsong41399Small Malmara Starsong 9y
General PvE

Free gift for level 87's and above!

Hello everyone!As the title says, I have decided to give everyone who reaches level 87 or higher, a free gift! The item you will get is a Ghost Iron Dragonling! This item goes in a "Trinket" slot, and has three Cogwheel-type sockets.Along with you...
Small Rayndris 9y
Rayndris82601Small Adellwyna 9y
General PvE

Tempest Keep and Sunwell Plateau Tonight?

I would really like to get a run in on these places before reset. They both have weapons I really really want. Anyone want to go?
Small ßijou Starkindler 9y
ßijou Starkindler31283Small ßijou Starkindler 9y
General PvE

*Minor Spoilers* The Land of Pandaria!

Hello Sentinels! I am here to give you a small preview of what you can expect to see as you journey into Pandaria! And if you are still considering whether or not you should buy the expansion, I hope that these pictures will convince you that it ...
Small Rayndris 9y
Rayndris72026Small Rayndris 9y
General PvE

Theramore Scenario Requirements

Hey, Sentinel! An AF guildie of mine passed this info along, and I figured it'd be a good idea to share it here. The Theramore scenario/"world event" is happening next week (Sept. 18th) and running for one week. Here's a few things you should kn...
Small Ciunas 9y
Ciunas83417Small Ciunas 9y
General PvE

Alt Guild

I was just having a conversation with Satira (thanks for the tour!) and he was talking about a possible Alt Guild. I would love this! I enjoy playing and rp-ing with you all and would love for some cool storylines involving my other characters -...
Small Windborne 10y
Windborne82671Small Lorria Moonseer 9y
General PvE

Super abilities that only your character can have.

Ooo! What a lengthy title! *admires*...Oh.... um... wha...?What if a characters spec was unique to them? Would they have their own unique ablities? Well! Let's give em some! Basically this is purely for fun. Create special abilities, (cds, forms,...
Small Jenna Seabrooke 9y
Jenna Seabrooke103279Small Lorethia 9y
General PvE

M.O.P. New Skills Preview!

This source is from MMO-Champions! Looks really interesting, especially the Mage's. Looks like I've got to level mine asap...
Small Kaliessa Keenstar 10y
Kaliessa Keenstar52236Small Adellwyna 10y
General PvE

Post your UI

(click to enlarge obviously)Here is my tanking UI, yes, I'm a clicker :P
Small Kerielle 10y
Kerielle103012Member avatar small Izrella Nightsilver 10y
General PvE

The Ageless Legends Raids!

All able bodied sisters are invited to join the Ageless Legends on completing some raids! This week, Sister Bodicea informs me that they plan to run Naxx, Friday May 20th at 6pm ((server time)). If you are of level or above it you are welcome to j...
Small Skyfire 10y
Skyfire51820Small Amalys 10y
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