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Sent├Čnel and Raiding!

So, we had 9 people say that they were interested in getting a raid going!Kerielle, Artae, Keenstar, Celysa, Adellwyna, Skyfire, Aakeem, Mandalas, CelestynI've always believed in the challenge of making something work even if the ideal doesn't see...
Small Kerielle 10y
Kerielle165809Small Adellwyna 5y
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Heroic FL

I know it was in a moment of RP but Im very interested in doing this raid now, what with that staff being able to help me and all. It is a possibility or should I look to pug this?
Small Faenissa Ravenoak 9y
Faenissa Ravenoak123415Small Lorria Moonseer 9y
Raid Instances

Algalon strategy

Copy/pasted from a comment on WoWhead. All credit goes to Herbhaven for this guide!-----------------------Phase 1Algalon will transform the arena into space and immediately begin attacking whoever has highest threat. Algalon hits very hard and fas...
Small Rayndris 10y
Rayndris21017Small Windborne 10y
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