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Numah Silverglaive

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Anyway, this is part one.))

“Welcome to Moonglade, Sentinel. I hope the trip was to your liking?”

Numah stepped off the Hippogryph and nodded to the Flight Master. “Yes, it was.” She gave the woman the few silver coins for the service and turned on her heels, beginning the walk to Nighthaven.

“Sentinel, a moment.” Called the woman.

She looked over her shoulder, back at the Flight Master, anxious to get on with the reason of her visit. “What?”

“I’m sure you are very much aware, but I am compelled to remind you that Nighthaven is exactly what the name states; A haven. A Neutral haven. Its gates are opened to all travelers and adventurers.” The woman studied Numah’s features and continued with a stern tone. “Including the Horde.”

Numah furrowed her brow; she knew of the neutrality of the Cenarion Circle. She didn’t agree with it, but understood that she might encounter a few Tauren and Trolls within the city limits of Nighthaven. She stared back at the Flight Master’s unmoving gaze and resisted the urge to tell her off. “Yes. I am aware.”

“Good. Then you know that if any aggressive behavior committed within this haven, the perpetrator will be apprehended and judged in direct violation of our laws.” Numah caught the woman sneak a glance at her Father’s sword. “That being said, I hope this doesn’t pose a problem for you?”

Numah continued to stare back at the Flight Master. “Not at all.” She gritted her teeth. “May I be on my way, now?”

The woman studied the sentinel’s features for another moment before relaxing and stating: “Glad to hear it. Please enjoy your stay in Moonglade.”

The young Sentinel gave the woman a nod and was on her way.

* * *

She reached the city limits half an hour later, followed by another hour of wandering around trying to find the building she was supposed to go meet the Drake. She could have found it earlier, but she couldn’t find a Kaldorei Guard and refused to ask any of the Tauren members of the Circle for directions. She stepped through the door and was greeted by a tall Night elf with a joyful look in his eyes.

“Ishnu-alah Sentinel! How may I help you?”

The man’s smile comforted Numah, she was glad not every Kaldorei in Moonglade was totally affronted by Sentinel. “Greetings, brother. I’ve come to meet the Green Dragon by the name of Aronus. I believe he was told of my visit.”

“Ahh, you must be Sentinel Numah Silverglaive then?”

“I am.”

The male clapped his hands: “Great! He has indeed been awaiting you arrival. Unfortunately, he is speaking with someone at the moment…” Numah sighed internally at the idea of waiting for the drake to finish a prior appointment. “…And another is waiting to meet him as well, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for Aronus to finish with his two other appointments. I hope this isn’t doesn’t bother you?”

It did. “No, I have nothing else planned for the day. I’ll wait as long as I need to.”

“Perfect, please take a seat in this room.” He motioned to a door behind him. “Will you require any food or drink?”

Numah began making her way to the door and waved her hand in dismissal. “No thank you, brother. I’ve brought everything I need.”

As she opened the door to the waiting room, she was hit with a stinging smell that made her wince. It smelled like something had died and left to rot. She placed her hand on her mouth, slightly covering her nose as she looked for the source of this unpleasant smell. She stiffened at the sight of the creature she could only assume was emanating the stink. Across the room, a human was sitting. He was short, skinny and couldn’t weigh more than a hundred and twenty pounds. His back was arched as he stared into old leathery tome that seemed to take much effort to hold. His skin was a ghostly white, his head was bare of any hair and his face was covered in wrinkles, the burden of fatigue weighing heavily in his features. The man raised his glowing yellow eyes from his readings and met Numah’s gaze with a grin that stretched his skin, revealing two large gaping holes where his cheeks should be. “Hello Night Elf, you waiting for the green Drake too?”

His voice was slow and raspy and made Numah extremely uncomfortable. She didn’t let the undead see her discomfort as she took a determined step to the large window on the end of the room and threw it open before sitting as close to it as possible. She looked back at the forsaken, his expression was the same, his eyes fixed on the Sentinel with a grin on his face.

“I suppose I don’t smell very good, hmm? That why you opened that?” He pointed a bony finger at the window and let out what Numah could only guess was some sort of chuckle. “Part of death means you lose some of your senses. And if I smell anything close to as bad as your pretty little face indicates, I’m glad I’ve lost this one.” He motioned to what was left of his nose before letting out another would-be chuckle.

Numah gave him a look of disgust before turning her attention to the window.

“Oh c’mon now,” He continued, “We’re in peace time, no reason why we can’t have a nice little chat while waiting for the Lizard. You know, to kill time while we wait.”
The night elf continued to ignore the Forsaken, trying to lose herself in the sound of the wind while he continued to stare.

“No much of a talker? That, or your as excited to meet him as I am? I’ve been Dying to meet him.” He burst in laughter and gave the Sentinel an expecting look before giving her a little pout. “We call that a bit of dead Humour.” He burst into laughter again then sighed. “And I thought my people had no sense of humor.” He continued to stare at her until he snapped his bony fingers. “Oh! I know! You must only speak Darnassian, eh? Alright, I’m a bit bad but I think I got enough to get by.”

Oh Goddess no.

“Isknu-dar-bied Kaldorei, I am Corpmius! I wish to-“

Numah slammed her fist on the wall and yelled: “By the goddess! Fiend! Shut your damn mouth or I’ll pull your tongue out of that disgusting thing you call a mouth! I will not talk to an abomination like you. Only reason you still draw breath is because I respect the circle enough to not stain their carpets with your maggot filled blood!”

The man stiffened and leaned away from the angry sentinel before furrowing his brow and tilting his head, his mouth tightly shut. Silence had finally taken over the room, Numah welcomed it warmly. She turned to the window again and began to imagine the fresh outdoors. She was going to meet the dragon and she coul-

“Four, not bad.”

Numah rolled her eyes and glared at the undead. “What?”

“Four shots at my undeath: ‘Fiend’, ‘disgusting thing you call a mouth’, ‘abomination’ and ‘maggot filled blood’. Not bad, but I’ve heard a Korkron shoot 42 names at me during our little rebellion. Some I didn’t even know existed. I suppose he had more practice insulting us than you have.” He chuckled.

“Do you have a death wish Undead? I told you to hold your tongue, and yet you jabber on.”

The man laughed again. “A death wish? You do have a sense of humour.”

“No one here is joking, filth. You-“

“Five!” Corpmius exclaimed.

“…You are trying my patience.” The fury was building inside the Sentinel. It took everything she had to not dig her Sword through the Horde’s skull.

“No, Numah Silverglaive, I’m trying to have a conversation with you.”

Numah stiffened, taken completely by surprise. “H-…How do you know my name?”

The grin reappeared.

“Answer me! How do you know my name?”

Numah stood, fist clenched, teeth gritting and furious look in her eyes. She could barely contain herself from the surge of emotions going through her being. All the while Corpmius sat, looking up at her with the same grin on his face, increasingly angering the Sentinel.

“Tell me now, or I swear by the Goddess I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Corpmius interrupted, amused at the Sentinel’s threats. “Strike me down? Beat me until I’ve told you? That wouldn’t be very wise if you plan on getting the Drake’s approval. I can see it now, Numah Silverglaive returning to her precious Cadre after being evicted from Nighthaven for breaking the Cenarion Circle’s pacifistic laws. Having utterly failed her task and shaming all of her sisters in the process.” His grin was as wide as ever. “If you want to know, you’ll have to sit down and look pretty while we have a little chat.”

The Sentinel was fuming. The undead’s patronizing was blinding her with anger, but she knew he was right. If she touched him her mission would be completely ruined and any chance of resurrecting the Dragonrider order with it. Numah took in a deep breath and sat down, leaning forward and glaring at the man across the room. “How do you know me?” She hissed.

“You’re going to have to calm down if you want to find out.”

“I AM CALM!” Exclaimed Numah.

“And I’m the Lightbringer himself.” Corpmius chuckled.

“Listen, filth. You wanted to talk; well here I am, playing your damn game. Now tell me how you know my name!” She could feel the fury boiling inside her.

“Hmm…” Corpmius studied Numah’s face and shrugged.” I suppose this is as civil as you Sentinels get, eh? Alright, but first, tell me why you’re here.”

“That’s none of your damn business.”

“Oh but it is. If you want to know what I know, you’ll have to answer my question.”

“Well perhaps I don’t wish to know, then.” She leaned back, crossed her arms and turned to the open window, praying that Elune would strike down the Undead.

“Oh, that’s no fun. Trust me it’s an interesting story.” He watched the Sentinel’s as she remained silent before sighing. “I bet Lady Duskraven would be more willing to talk, maybe I’ll visit her in Winterspring instead of wasting my time with you.”

Numah’s whole being stiffened and as her boiling blood pumped hard through her veins. How much does he know? “You stay away from her.”

“I will… if you play your part.”

“Fine!” She pondered for a moment. There was no way she could tell him what her true intentions were. If the Horde knew about her plans to reignite the alliance between the Night Elves and the Green Dragonflight, there’d be no telling how they would react. “I’m trying to learn about the Emerald Dream.”

Corpmius raised a brow, unconvinced. “You wish to learn about the Emerald Dream?” He repeated and sighed. “If you expect me to be honest with you, the least you can do is be honest with me. You’re here to become Dragonsworn, aren’t you?”

Numah rolled her eyes, no longer impressed at the extent of the Undead’s knowledge. “If you already know, why waste my time with questions.”

“I like getting to know what a person looks like when they lie. You have your tells, just like everybody else.” Corpmius took a serious tone. “But what interests me is what you hope to accomplish by making such an alliance. What your plans are.”

The sentinel forced a grin of her own. “I figured out of all the things you seem to know, that would be the most obvious.” She watched Corpmius narrow his eyes at the Kaldorei. She leaned forward and said in a low tone. “With the help of the Dragons, I’ll burn away your kind and the rest of the Horde. I’ll enjoy listening to your children, your elderly and everyone else cries of agony as they are wrapped in flames. Mark…my…words.”

They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Numah was satisfied with her threat; it had finally silenced the arrogant Forsaken. “Now tell me how you know me.” She ordered with an aggressive tone.

“We’ve been watching you and the rest of the Sentinels for quite some time. You honestly think a mobilizing force wouldn’t get noticed entering Azshara followed by a series unfortunate of ‘accidents’ within the Goblin harbor? I’ll hand it to Adellwyna Wintershade, she knows how to run a stealth mission. We may not be able to prove it, but we know you folks have something to do with it. So my associates and I have spent a great deal studying every single one of you.” Corpmius explained with serious tone in his voice.

“Why are you so open with this information?” Numah asked, unsure of the logic behind such a revelation.

“Because we want you and your Cadre to know the next time you think of attacking the horde, you’ll be faced with a force that knows your weaknesses. We will not break the ‘truce’ between our people, but we will defend ours with bloody effectiveness.”

She glared at him, unable to read whether or not he was lying but she let out an ominous chuckle that seemed to take Corpmius by surprise. “Bring it then. If you think your threats are enough to scare the Sentinels, you haven’t studied us well. We do not buckle in front of a challenge. We are the greatest military force in the world. If you think you can stop us, then I actively tell you to try. Especially once I have the Dragons on my side. Until then, I have nothing more to say to you.” She leaned back and turned to the window, glad to be done speaking with Corpmius. Until he began to laugh and stated:

“Good luck.”

She turned back at the now grinning undead. “What?”

“I’m wishing you good luck. You’re going to need it. The Dragons will never agree to help someone like you. Someone so hell bent on destruction and war. Someone so fueled by hatred that they would murder innocents to reach her goals.” He explained.

“Aronus will understand the need to rid Kalimdor of the Horde. I’m sure he’s seen the destruction you’ve caused in Pandaria and the misery you’ve wrought around the world.” Retorted Numah.

“That horde was led by a Tyrant willing to commit war crimes to reach his goals. A tyrant not so different from yourself.”

“Hold your tongue.” Hissed Numah.

“It’s true. Like you, he was driven by hatred and was willing commit terrible sins to gain leverage over your Alliance. He killed innocents, broke treaties, destroyed sacred places, defiled Neutral cities, used his allies as meat shields to protect his own, he spat in the face of mercy and dabbled in forbidden powers.”

Numah rose to her feet, her fist clenched and her arms stiff from anger. “I am nothing like him! Say another word and I swear I’ll…”

“Kill me?” Corpmius’ voice rose, to meet Numah’s. “Defile another peace treaty like you and your Cadre did in Azshara!? You are all the same! Hypocrites, the lot of you! You see yourself better than the rest of us? You see yourself bettering the world, but all you do is prolong old hatreds and war! You are the reason peace will never be reached between the Alliance and the Horde!” His fists were clenched as well, he was no longer smiling. There was honest anger in his voice. “No, you are just like him. Numah Silverglaive. You and Garrosh Hellscream…”

Numah knew what was coming; she couldn’t contain herself any longer. She could taste blood and she could no longer feel the end of her fingers. All she could see was the image of Corpmius’ corpse, bloody and bruised, lying on the cold floor.

“…Are the same.”

She lunged forward and grabbed the Forsaken by the collar, lifting him off his feet and slamming him against the wall. Corpmius winced in pain at the impact. She brought her face close to his, her nostrils filling up with the stench of his decomposing body. “YOU THINK YOU’RE CLEVER DON’T YOU?” Yelled Numah. “Well keep running that clever mouth! See where it gets you!”

Corpmius coughed and glared down at the night elf. “That’s it you bloody wench. Show the circle your true colors. Show everyone what the Sentinels are truly like! Make them see you're all war hungry mongrels!” He gripped the Sentinel’s forearms as she tugged hard at his collar.

“I’ll show them more than that!” She said through her teeth. “I’ll show them what I am willing to do to keep their streets clean of abominations like you.” As she spoke, a burning sensation began to sting her arm where the undead had placed his hand. She pulled him off the wall and slammed him again, the back of his head brutally smashing against the wood. The impact caused him to release the grip he had on her arm, leaving behind a bright red mark. “Your magic is pathetic. The Cenarion Circle will be glad to be rid of you.”

She brought her right arm back and closed her fist. The undead’s body was weak; one powerful strike is all she would need to end his miserable life. She threw her fist, aiming it straight for the Forsaken’s face but it was stop mid motion. Something held the Sentinel’s arm back. Something strong but gentle at the same time. Numah turned and was met with a towering being, its fur covered hand completely wrapping around her bicep. In the commotion, she hadn’t heard the tauren enter the room, but she could see he wasn’t with the Cenarion Circle. This tauren was a member of the horde, and he had her arm in a vice grip. If Numah didn’t react quickly, he would undoubtedly break her arm in half with ease. She glared up at the Tauren and met his eyes, they weren’t the eyes of a warrior. She saw no rage or hatred in his eyes, only pity.

“We’ve all seen our share of bloodshed, little one.” The tauren’s voice boomed, but was carried with wisdom and old age. “Please, do not stain the sanctity of this place with more. Let go, Child of the Stars. I implore you.”

He wasn’t telling her to stop. He was asking her. Numah didn’t know how to react; he could easily force her to stop, but chose to risk his own safety by gently pleading for her cooperation. There was something in his voice calming her down. Fury was still boiling every inch of her being, but this tauren aura made her think straight. What am I doing? She thought to herself. Her attention turned back to Corpmius and she studied his face. His face was covered in fear, his eyes shifting between the new arrival and Numah’s. Is he worth ruining my whole career over? The actions of one Sentinel will stain the image of the whole Cadre…

“Please.” The tauren Repeated while giving Numah a gentle squeeze.

Numah gave Corpmius one final glare before letting the undead fall to his knees and gasping. The sentinel turned to the tauren giving him an expecting gaze.

“Thank you.” He whispered, bowing his head and releasing his grip.

Numah quickly pulled her arm back and scoffed while returning to her seat. Meanwhile, Corpmius had risen to his feet, giving the tauren a small nod.

“Auronus will see you now, undead.” The tauren stated,

“Good. I look forward to warning him about you, Numah Silverglaive.” The undead picked up his tome and limped out of the room.

The night elf didn’t respond. She kept her attention on the window, sighing silently as she realized the foolishness of her actions. She heard the tauren walk out the entrance, leaving her completely alone. Once both doors closed, her face fell into her hands and she groaned in anger.

“Get a grip Numah.” She told herself. “You have to control yourself. You can’t let crap like this get to you. Whatever that bastard plans to tell Aronus, you’ll overcome it. It’s just another obstacle.” She rose and sighed while looking at the seat previously occupied by Corpmius. “Goddess, please let me overcome it.”