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Joined: May 09, 2011
Nick Name: Lin or call me by one of my WoW characters.
Gender: Female
Country: Canada
State/Province: Ontario
City: Orangeville
I'm really shy so I might not speak up a whole lot at first but as I get used to how everyone is in the guild I will start to speak up more. I've been playing WoW since August 2010 took a few months off and got back into WoW in November. If you've read my full history for my character Acurah you've probably noticed I'm a bit of a writer. I write fan stories on whatever I feel like and post it up on websites. By writing I've found it easier to express myself in rp. I enjoy reading Lore of all the different races of Azeroth and currently focusing on Night Elf which is what I believe to be my true race.

I'm very focused on the arts, such as drawing. I've loved to draw since I was kid it's a natural talent. Not once in my life have I EVER drawn a stick figure, from a very young age if I drew a horse you would instantly see a horse. Saddle and all. Another one of my pasttimes is singing, I've found myself singing vocals from various parts of Kalimdor and Lament of the Highborne. I plan on recording some of them at posting them up sometime in August on youtube.

My favorite classes would have to be:
1. Rogue
2. Hunter
3. Druid
4. Warrior
5. Priest
6. Mage
7. Deathknight - Haven't tried yet.

I created my avatar (not the picture) if anyone would want an avatar like that I can try to make you one. Just send me the picture and caption you want on it.
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