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Tammeril Moonchaser

Rank: Friends!
Online: over 1 year ago
Joined: Nov 11, 2012
Gender: Female
Country: Canada
State/Province: Alberta
City: Edmonton
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About Tammeril Moonchaser the Toon:
2014 Feralis Trek Memoirs (Membership to Sentinel required)
Tammeril: A Collection of Memoirs (Membership to Sentinel required)
20141217 Story Circle Narrative

The Person Behind Tammeril:

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Introduction Post
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Other info:
Please note that my role-play participation generally drops around statutory holidays.
In order to accommodate RL, I have to be intentional with my time on WoW, so I'm rarely around for just random walk-up rp. That said, message me if you want to rp with Tammeril and I'll be happy to set up a date and time to log in for that purpose.

Links for my convenience (and so I don't lose them):

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Moment In the Sun
Alesune's Journal
Forum Signature:
"There is no task that is below a Child of the Stars. Pride requires an unending need for power, and the day one needs powers beyond what the goddess and nature provide is the day one's road to mortality begins." - Tammeril's Mother