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Application Process
The following is a brief description of how one should fill out the application for admission.

Please note that all fields should be filled out! Failure to do so will probably result in your application being rejected.

Player name optional. If you do not wish to share your real name, simply put your character's full name as it will appear in Total RP3.

Valid player email address where we can contact you, i.e; send verification of admission. For your comfort and security, we strongly recommend creating a "junk" e-mail address for the purpose of submitting your application. While your e-mail address will be viewable only to site admin, this precaution is mainly initiated for your convenience.

Age Range
Please give us an indication of how old you are. We aren't insisting on 18+, but it's helpful to have a general indication of how old you are (only officers have this knowledge).

Time Zone/Location
Are you PST, MST etc. Or Australian/Asian?

Main Character
The name of the character you are submitting for admission, your Sentinel character.

Race and Class
Self Explanatory

Character Level
The level of your character at the time of application

Main Character
The name of the character you are submitting for admission, your Sentinel character.

Is this your WrA Alliance main?

Character Physical Description
Include a detailed description of what your character looks like ingame. For example, describe scars from battle, tattoos, any recognizable markings, physical build, or anything you think sets your character apart.

Character's Behavior and Personality
Here is the place for you to introduce your character's personality to us. Is she kind and mild tempered? Brash and reckless? Is she easily attached or more aloof and distant? Please describe how we can expect to interact with her here.

Character's Strengths and Weaknesses
What are your character's strong points? What are her skills most honed toward? What are their weaknesses and vulnerabilities? Do they have any phobias? Are they susceptible to anything in particular? Please enlighten us here.

Character History
A detailed explanation of your character's past. Where is her homeland? Who was she raised by? Include any notable tragedies or events experienced by her here.

Letter of Introduction
An in character letter written to Commander Wintershade introducing yourself and explaining why you want to be a Sentinel.

Have you read the Rules and Policies?
Don't lie! :P

Good Luck and Have Fun!