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Guild Role Play Guide

~ Once you make the decision to join the Sentinels, you will be inducted during a ceremony in which you will be asked to swear allegiance to the Sentinels and to Elune. You will receive a tabard and have your hearthstone set to the Sentinel frequency.

~ Guild Chat is considered in-character and is based on a communicator. When you are inducted as a Sentinel you will have your hearthstone set to the Sentinel frequency allowing you to communicate with all Sentinels no matter where they are across Azeroth or Outland. Touching the hearthstone once allows for voice communication, and three times teleports you to your home location. Please remember this is a voice only communication device, and any emotes should be used only to indicate voice inflection or any background noise.

~ The SentGuild (for <Moonglaive Sentinels> and <Free Spirit> members) and SentOOC (for friends and allies) channels are used for out-of-character conversations. Language and topics should be kept PG-13.

~ <Free Spirit> is our sister guild for alts and close friends/family that can't be a part of the Sentinels due to our strict recruitment requirements. Speak with any officer if you have a character that needs an invite.

~ As Night Elf Sentinels, we have our base in Astranaar. We also make use of many other Kaldorei settlements and strongholds throughout Kalimdor.

~ It is expected that you address guild members as Sister or by their rank title ie) Scout Deanna. Respect is to be shown to senior ranks and longer serving members at all times.

~ Guild Uniform is expected to be adhered to for all and any RP events and consists of guild tabard, drill uniform (supplied) and Striped Nightsaber.

~ Please do NOT think you can become a Sentinel with the new "anime" style haircuts for night elves. These are NOT appropriate for Sentinels. The bouncy anime hairstyles continue to make the Night Elf female characters look more and more like the cheerleaders Blizzard seem to be intent on depicting us as. Not the serious, savage defenders of Kalimdor we are.

~ It is expected that druids roleplay in Night Elf form and not in cat, bear, moonkin or flight form. First and foremost you are Night Elves, and we expect you to look like it.
Druids do USE their form in some RP aspects. But when we are standing in line being addressed by an officer, it is expected the druid be there in Night Elf form and not sit on the ledge enjoying the sunshine as a cat.

To cite an example, a druid may be asked to sneak into Zoram'gar Fortress to gather intel. She is to be in her feral cat form, stealthed and report to me in her Night Elf form in order to talk when she is done assessing the location.

Remember you are part of an ELITE military wing, we expect you to behave that way.