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About Us
Moonglaive Sentinels is a military-style Sisterhood of Night Elves, as such our structure is fluid, yet militaristic.

Commander (Guild Leader): The buck stops here.

Huntress/Guardian (Senior Officer):
Everything listed under Lieutenant, in addition to:
1.) Willing to help with recruitment (including conducting interviews and evaluating guild applications).
2.) Knowledgeable about the guild and able to answer any questions from prospective members.
3.) Capable of handling any problems/negative situations that may arise in the guild.
4.) Able to lead the guild when the GM is absent.

Lieutenant (Officer):
Everything listed under Sentinel/Keeper, in addition to:
1.) Shows initiative, willing to start their own roleplay, and/or host events.
2.) Offers to help their fellow guild mates with dungeons, questions, gear, ect.
3.) Positive and supportive attitude towards the guild and its members.
4.) Responsible, trustworthy, and able to monitor the guild/take charge when the GM or officers are not present.
5.) Active on the guild forums.

Sentinel/Keeper (Full Member):
Everything listed under Outrunner, in addition to:
1.) Active member (logs on frequently throughout the week) and joins in guild events when able.
2.) Posts on the guild forums, or checks them regularly.

Outrunner (Junior Member):
1.) Has been in the guild a minimum of one month.
2.) At least semi-active (logs on at least once a week) and willing to participate in guild events.
3.) Well-behaved, no discipline problems.
4.) Signed up on the guild forums.

Recruit (Initiate): This is the probationary rank for all new members.

MIA (Missing in Action): These members have been absent in-game for an extended period of time or have not visited the guild site for a month or more. Members who have not given notice of their absence may be removed from the guild.

Activity Policy:
If you are going away for extended periods, please say so in the Leave of Absence thread.
Occasionally we do a "dead wood" clear out of members who have been absent for a long time. This is nothing personal, and if you find this happens to you, you are are more than welcome to request a re-invite.

You are expected to check the Noticeboard at least once a week and vote in the weekly poll.